New Historical AG Doll!

Hello everybody!

American Girl has revealed their newest historical character: Courtney Moore, a girl from the 80s! Her accessories have various licenced characters on them, including Care Bears and even a Molly doll! Her story is relevant today, with a focus on girls in coding.

Picture credit: american girl’s site

Visit AG’s site to learn more!

What do you think of the latest AG doll?

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Disclaimer: I know this is late.

Hello you!

Whether you graduated from preschool, kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school, college, grad school, beauty school, whatever, CONGRATS!

This year has thrown us all for a loop.  Everyone is missing something.  These milestones don’t seem as special.  The world is scary.

This is the time given to you, the hand you’re dealt.  You can see what really matters.  You have worked for this accomplishment.  You have lived.  I think you deserve the world.  I think of you.  I hope you have many new beginnings and appreciate the everyday.

Since I can’t give you that, here’s a picture of Julia in a grad cap that my friend gave me from her grad party!

WIN_20200719_18_03_02_Pro (2)_LI

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P.S. A man on a bike smiled at me today.  Little things do make a difference!!!  You matter!

Crystals-Part 10

Old Noddy was not in his garden.

“Well Rinna, what do you suggest we do?”  Cherry asked.

Rinna looked around.  “I know he has a library!  He let me borrow a book once.”

“All right, let’s go.”



The two elves flipped through pages and volumes of books.  Rinna kept getting distracted by the intricate bindings and exotic titles.

“Something helpful would be good to find,” Cherry said as Rinna pulled out Aqueous Animals.

“Of course,” Rinna put it back, causing another book to fall.



“Does Historic Royal Escapes sound helpful to you?”

“Yes!” Cherry took it and flipped through.  Illustrations of everything from summer camps to romantic beaches covered the pages.

“This looks promising,” Rinna pointed to a picture of a mountain.

“I guess the winter royals don’t have much in the way of ‘escapes’.” Cherry said as she looked at the picture.  White walls and light wooden flooring with little in the way of opulence greeted her.

“At least we have a destination!” Rinna said, pointing to an annotation in the margin: Wynter’s place when she wants to be alone.


“Your highness, our search parties were unsuccessful.  I am sorry.”

Princess Autumn raised her head, revealing puffy, bloodshot eyes.  “Keep looking.  She is out there somewhere.”

“Your highness,” the guard bowed, and left.


Princess Autumn sighed.  Going without sleep was not good for her attitude.  Every hour, another need appeared, and she grew angrier at Wynter.   She massaged her temples and sighed again.  There is work to be done.



Aren’t you glad it’s May?  Our trees are finally blooming. ❤ !

Final exams are almost done, too!  Hope all of your lives are going well right now.

What’s your favorite season/month?

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Need an AG Book Fix?


This is so sweet- American Girl is offering free downloads of some of their books on their website!  The characters have been through tough times in American history, too.

It looks like they have Beforever and mystery books, plus more each week!

What will you read next?

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Following the Trends: Think Spring!

Hello everybody!

It is Julia here!  Spring has sprung, or it was supposed to.  *glares at snow* Anyway, spring styles are definitely here!

Have you read this delightful post about spring fashion?  If not, hop on over and then come back.

Did you do it?

All right!  It was full of great ideas for spring fashion, and now I will apply them to my wardrobe!

(Nellie here.  It’s our wardrobe.)

Hey!  Everything is communal when you have sisters!

*Sigh.* Jasmine from DWOD has such fashion sense.  I want to use all her ideas!

(Nellie again.  All at once?)

Of course!  Let’s see…

Okay, so Nellie was right.  I can’t possibly apply every tip in a single outfit with our wardrobe.

(Thank you.)

Moving on!

WIN_20200418_16_10_23_Pro (2)

So, here I am!  The tips I used, in order:

  1. Florals – well, there are little flowers on the skirt.  It counts!
  2. Light Dresses – no, unless I could wear one on top like a petticoat…
  3. Sandals – yes, with little bows and everything!
  4. Half-updos – yes, my Celtic Knot hairstyle is still miraculously intact from a month ago, and if IrishAG would think of changing it once in a while… moving on!
  5. Updos – well, my hairstyle sort of prevents this
  6. Pale colors – this shirt is my all-time favorite, full of nostalgic AGP memories… and coincidentally, is light pink.
  7. Shorts – nope, a skirt is what I have!
  8. Bracelets – no, my bracelets are not the right colors for this outfit.  Maybe I should make one…
  9. Doll’s color palette – this is a great idea, and I wish IrishAG would do this for me!  I think I look best in delicate and saturated shades, but my skin tone is hard to match things with sometimes.
  10. Lace – sadly, I have none.  Nellie has some from Ireland, but wouldn’t let me use it because it is torn.  😦

And there we have it!  I hope my outfit meets Jasmine’s approval!  XD

*Gasp* I have no sign-off!  I guess I’ll let IrishAG take over from here.  🙂

Hey everyone!  Hope you are finding things to smile at in these times!!!  Even if it is a little doll post.  🙂  What is your favorite thing about spring?  I LOVE blooming trees!  Even thinking about them makes me smile.

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IrishAG xoxo

Crystals- Part 9

The other princesses formed search parties as quickly as possible.  Having relinquished their power, the previous princesses could only advise vaguely.  The girls were on their own, cut off from any higher authority.

Sommar was shivering outside, handing villagers warm blankets and inviting them inside for efficient fires and body heat.


I won’t last long in this weather, she thought, watching the search parties go into the mountains.


Rinna Clearwater was sobbing in a corner when her best friend Cherry Blossom found her.  “Oh, come on Rinna.  It’ll all be okay.”


“No it won’t.” Rinna sniffled.

“Hey!  Wrong attitude!  There are search parties out there, and we have guards here to keep us safe.”

“But-but-but…” Rinna hiccuped.

“All right,” said Cherry, frustrated, “You know what?  We’re going to be our own search party.  That’s right!  You and I are having an adventure.  You were close to Eegrek.  He must have a few leads.”


The two commoner elves sneaked through the confusion, grabbing supplies.

“Are you sure we need all this?” Rinna asked.

“You’ll thank me-puff- when we’re prepared.” Cherry said, shuffling through a shelf full of items.

“You’re sure you know where to go?”

“Pretty sure.” Rinna grinned.  “He never wrote this, but he said no one knew more about breaking spells than Old Noddy.”


“You’ll see.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me this earlier?”

Rinna shrugged and looked around Eegrek’s room.  “We didn’t learn anything from these books.”



Wynter found the place she’d been looking for.  Perfect.  She snapped her fingers, and her sleigh and horses fell into the snow, disintegrated.


Hello community!

Stories help us to thrive in hard times, and I hope this helps you!  🙂

What are some of your favorite books?

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IrishAG xoxo

Crystals- Part 8

man wearing gray and red armour standing on the streets
Autumn Kingdom Guard

“Lady Autumn, I mean, Princess,” a guard said, “Princess Wynter is gone.”

Autumn was panicked.  “I’ve only been princess for a few hours!”  Coming to herself, she thanked the guard and encouraged extra diligence.

The party was rapidly cancelled, worried guests pouring into the night.  Princess Autumn followed them.  Snowflakes were swirling with the leaves.  Autumn stopped in her tracks.

“What is it?”  Fleurette asked.

“There has never been snow in this kingdom before.”  was the faint reply.

Sommar placed a hand on Autumn’s shoulder.  Autumn breathed deeply.  “We’ll think of something.  We will find Princess Wynter, and speak with her.”

“Your highness, this is an act of treachery!” exclaimed a guard.

Treachery.  The word slapped the chilled air and hung there.

“We will consider it.”  was all Autumn said, dismissing the guard.

“At least she can’t have gone far.”  said Fleurette.

“Oh yes, she could.”  replied Sommar darkly.

“Enough!” Autumn said.  “We will deal with this like we were taught, like princesses!”




Wynter had quickly conjured ice horses, and an attached sleigh.

“Hyah!” she drove them away.  Snow gathered on the ground, and Wynter’s tears were frozen on her cheeks.  No one will find me.



I’ve been experimenting with editing real-life photos and putting them in photostories.  What do you think?

Hope you’re all doing okay and enjoying Crystals!  Do you have a favorite character?

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Crystals- Part 7

“Princess Wynter?”  Fleurette looked all over the palace.  No one knew where she had gone, or when she’d be back.

In the side corridor by the ballroom, she heard sniffling.  A brief search revealed a young elf, crying behind a flower urn.

“Oh, sweet pea,” Fleurette knelt beside her, “What’s wrong?”


The elf raised her head and pointed.

“The corridor?  I know, the dark is scary.  When I was little, I needed a glow worm.  He lit my room.  And see?  The moon lights the corridor even now.” she rose and opened a heavy curtain.  “Just like my glow worm.”

The elf did not stop.  Fleurette looked about the corridor, following the finger.


A frozen gnome gleamed in the moonlight.


“Artfully, dreadfully frozen!”  Sommar said to Autumn when Fleurette had brought the news, “Only one could have done this.”

“You don’t think…”


“Who else has ice powers?”  Sommar challenged.  “And he’s our only contact with Queen Elaina!  Do you think that is a coincidence?”


Wynter stumbled out of the palace.  Get out, get out, get out.  They have power here.  She ran to the stables.

Above her head, snow began to fall.


Hello all!

Hope you have all been safe + healthy!  Did you know that today is National Close Friends day?


Here is a virtual rose, with love from the IrishAG site!  Spread the love, and feel free to use the above image.  😀

What did you think of this installment of Crystals?

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Today at Irish AG Dolls, we’re celebrating 100 followers!  Over the 5 years this blog has been around, we’ve gotten so much love from the doll community.  Here’s to fun and friendship!

More Crystals posts are coming soon.


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