Coloring Pages By IrishAG

I made some coloring pages for you guys!  I’m not going to post them all at once, so check back sometimes to see new ones!  Please don’t post on your blog that you drew it or anything.  Printing them out for personal use is fine, so is putting them on your blog and having a link back to my site.  🙂

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AG Blogs I <3 By IrishAG

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Cousin Fun: Part 3 By IrishAG

Can you handle more cousin fun?  XD

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 061

Our cousin’s one-room schoolhouse.  Dosen’t Kirsten look adorable in bun buns?

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 071

Looking for the perfect pumpkin…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 072

Kaya: This one’s mine!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 066coffee and cousins 10-19-15 067

Family photos.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 068

Coconut’s running away!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 075

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 073

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 076

Caroline: I got him!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 052

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 053

A little spotlight on Kaya.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 051coffee and cousins 10-19-15 049

Saying goodbye.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 090

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 115

The second we got home, Julia fell asleep.

That concludes cousin fun for now!  Another sleepover is in the works, and you know what that means…



Cousin Fun: Part 2- Caroline and Julia in Fall By IrishAG and Frozenlover626

To Continue Our Thrilling Cousin Fun…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 064

First off, Caroline is a GORGEOUS doll.  I would get her if we didn’t already have 3 blonde blue eyed dolls. 🙂  This is not the best picture of her, better ones are below…

Now for the pics!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 077

Our cousins have a lamp post in their yard!  How awesome is that?

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 078

Bird’s-eye view.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 079coffee and cousins 10-19-15 088

This rock is perfect for AG dolls.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 082

Caroline: Let’s play hide-and-seek!

Julia: Okay…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 084

C: 1,2,3,4…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 085

Coconut: Woof!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 087

Julia: Ssssh!

Caroline: Found you!

Julia: Let’s go to the playset!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 093

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 095

All: Wheee!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 098

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 103

And these next two pics were staged by Frozenlover626!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 101coffee and cousins 10-19-15 100

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 099

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 092

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 107

The stone table!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 106

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 091


coffee and cousins 10-19-15 111

I ❤ this pic!

Thanks, Frozenlover626!


Cousin Fun: Part 1 By IrishAG

We had a sleepover with our cousins over the weekend, and I took A LOT of pics.  I’ll make a few posts with them.

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 021

On our way…

Our cousins and their dolls:

Booklover3000- Kaya, Ruthie, Elizabeth

Gymnast05- Kit, Kirsten, Felicity

Frozenlover626-Caroline, Elsa, Merida

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 027

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 029

Julia met her cousins for the first time.  She was a little shy, but Elsa immediately bonded with her.

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 032

Kaya’s a big tree-hugger. 🙂

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 034

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 035

Group shots.

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 036coffee and cousins  10-19-15 038

Playin’ around.

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 042

Felicity and Saige on an adventure.  Saige loves new places to climb! 🙂

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 046

Everything is awesome!

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 045

Silly Elsa!

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 039coffee and cousins  10-19-15 040

Monkey see, monkey do!

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 047

Cousins forever!

Behind the scenes:

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 048

Julia has huge kitty envy. 🙂

That’s all for now!  Do your dolls have cousins?


Duct Tape Fashion: a Photoshoot

001 Felicity in a tie-dye mini-dress, working at the snack cart!


Josefina in a lovely evening gown.


Kirsten in a Hawaiian-inspired maxi skirt and top.


Felicity and Nellie in matching duct tape fashion! 🙂


And that finishes our photoshoot!

Behind the Scenes:


Here’s the photoshoot you asked for!  Have you ever made a duct tape dress for your doll?


Elves In My Backyard: a Photostory

Have you ever wondered where elves live?  I caught them on camera.  In my backyard.


I was sitting in my backyard, admiring my shoes, when I heard a sound.  I ran to investigate.  And when I found the source, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

10-15-15 018

“Ooooh, look at this tree!  It needs water!  There you go. Cherry Blossom, come here!”   A blond elf in a fancy white cape pulled water out of the air and poured it on the tree’s roots.

10-15-15 019

“That’s tree number… I don’t know, 999?”  A brunette elf in a pink cape appeared, looking slightly grumpy.  “These flowers are much prettier.”

“You just think that because you’re a flower elf,” pouted the blond elf.

“I still don’t see why we have to stop at every tree in creation to care for it, Rinna!” replied Cherry Blossom.

10-15-15 016

“Queen Elaina told us the Wise One was here someplace, and these trees are in shoddy shape,” said Rinna,  (Excuse me!  I thought.) “It’s my duty as a water elf to care for them.”

“Let’s not keep the queen, then,” suggested Cherry.

I followed Cherry and Rinna discreetly, half-curious.  They appeared to be looking for “the wise one”, whoever that was.  I wanted to see what creepazoid was living in my yard.

10-15-15 02410-15-15 030

Cherry was looking everywhere, but Rinna seemed more interested in the trees.

10-15-15 020

“This is so cozy!” said Rinna.

“I’ll try it out,” said Cherry,”WOW!”

10-15-15 02210-15-15 023

“Is the Wise One here?”  mumbled Cherry.

At  3pm, Rinna suggested they sit and rest.

“That sounds great!” said Cherry.

“In a tree!” squealed Rinna.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” muttered Cherry.

10-15-15 034

“Isn’t this nice?” said Rinna.

10-15-15 035

“I suppose.  But where do you think the Wise One could be?” Cherry said.

“Hmmm.  Maybe he’s hiding from us.”

I heard a low chuckle from the ground.  Apparently, so did they.  Rinna and Cherry hopped right out of the tree and saw…

10-15-15 027

“IT’S THE WISE ONE!!!” screamed Rinna.

“Sheesh, calm down.” Cherry held her hands to her ears.

The garden gnome??? I thought.

“Wise One, our Queen Elaina wants you to tell us your secret: how do you stay in the human world so long without anybody noticing you?”

“Well, people here like me as a garden decoration.  I’ve divided my magic amongst all garden gnomes, and now I can never die as long as someone has a garden gnome.”

That makes sense.

“I see you have a friend,” said the Garden Gnome, gesturing towards me.


They both turned around… and spotted me.

10-15-15 029

“Have you been spying the whole time?!?” Cherry fumed.

“Well…yes-…” I stammered.

“Oh my.  Well, just don’t follow us into Elfwyld, and keep the gnome.”  Rinna said practically.

“Let’s go before any more pests come!” Cherry said.

“Bye!” Rinna said.

10-15-15 047

The End

As you can see, I’m obcessed with making capes!  Do you have elves in your backyard?  Tell us in the comments! 🙂


Diy No-Sew Anna Cape for AG Dolls! By IrishAG

cape tutorial 017

I love the movie Frozen, so I thought it would be fun to make a tutorial for the Anna cape!  You could also use this tutorial for a colonial cape for Felicity, a hobbit cape, or any doll that needs a cool cape! 🙂  It requires no sewing AT ALL, and I did it start to finish in less than an hour, including stops to figure it out and take photos.  You can do it!

You’ll need:

  • felt
  • fabric scissors
  • ribbon
  • measuring tape
  • piece of scratch paper
  • pencil
  • pins

Step 1:

cape tutorial 001cape tutorial 002

Cut out a square of felt 18 1/2″ long and 10 1/2″ wide.

Step 2:

cape tutorial 003

Fold your fabric in half, and cut a soft curve at the bottom.  Unfold your fabric.

Step 3:

cape tutorial 004

Use your piece of scrap paper and cut a rough half circle, shown above.  Pin to a new piece of felt, and cut around the paper. (I used an old doodle page 🙂 )

Step 4:

cape tutorial 005cape tutorial 006

Unpin the paper from the felt.  The felt should look like the felt in the right picture.

Step 5:

cape tutorial 007cape tutorial 008

Your diameter should be about 10″.  Fold the straight part in half, and pin.

Step 6:

cape tutorial 010


Step 7:

cape tutorial 011cape tutorial 012

When you finish cutting, unpin the fabric.                          The slits should look like this.

Step 8:

Okay, I didn’t take a photo. Sorry!  Line up the half-circle piece of fabric with your rectangle of fabric, and cut slits in the rectangle fabric, on the top, in the same places as the half-circle fabric’s slits.  You will want to pin the rectangle fabric like you did with the half-circle.  Then unpin, and overlap the two fabric pieces.

Step 9:

cape tutorial 013

Now that your pieces are overlapped, take your ribbon and weave it through the slits, as shown above.

Step 10:

cape tutorial 014

Take the two ends of the ribbon and scoot the fabric towards the middle, but not too close.

Step 11:

cape tutorial 015

Once you have gathered to your preference, knot the ends to keep it in place.


cape tutorial 016

Round the bottom of the cape a bit more, or leave it to trail behind the doll. (For an Elsa cape.)

cape tutorial 017

And you’re done!  I later did some simple decorative stitching on the borders, but you can leave it plain.

cape tutorial 018

My ribbon was a bit on the wee side, but you could always change it out!

cape tutorial 020

This pic shows the train.  This is longer than the one in the film.

cape tutorial 019

If you want to make a matching cape for yourself, go to for their tutorial!

Did you like the tutorial?  Did you make a cape?  Tell us in the comments!




Poll Results! By IrishAG

First of all, I want to thank y’all for making my blog a success!  I truly appreciate all the kind support you have given me this past week.  The blog is made possible by you guys!  🙂   And thank you so much for responding to the blog poll!

And now, to buisness!  (Random Aslan quote 🙂 )

A photoshoot: 44%

A craft: 44%

A quiz: 11%

A craft and a photoshoot tied!  I’m going to do both this week, hopefully tomorrow…

*Update* The cape craft and the duct tape photoshoot are now posted.

Thanks again, you guys!


Review: Fair Isle PJs By Gymnast03

         Hey guys!  I’m Gymnast03, and today I’m reviewing the fair isle pajamas.


I LOVE these pj’s!  I got them last year at AG place.


The top has silver and pink snowflakes and  little green stitches on it.   I like the embelishments!  I don’t really like the ribbed fabric though.


I like everything about these pants!!!


These are really cozy looking!  There is dark pink fur on the top and a soft sole.  The pink fur on the top is really soft!


I love this outfit on Saige!