Elves In My Backyard: a Photostory

Have you ever wondered where elves live?  I caught them on camera.  In my backyard.


I was sitting in my backyard, admiring my shoes, when I heard a sound.  I ran to investigate.  And when I found the source, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

10-15-15 018

“Ooooh, look at this tree!  It needs water!  There you go. Cherry Blossom, come here!”   A blond elf in a fancy white cape pulled water out of the air and poured it on the tree’s roots.

10-15-15 019

“That’s tree number… I don’t know, 999?”  A brunette elf in a pink cape appeared, looking slightly grumpy.  “These flowers are much prettier.”

“You just think that because you’re a flower elf,” pouted the blond elf.

“I still don’t see why we have to stop at every tree in creation to care for it, Rinna!” replied Cherry Blossom.

10-15-15 016

“Queen Elaina told us the Wise One was here someplace, and these trees are in shoddy shape,” said Rinna,  (Excuse me!  I thought.) “It’s my duty as a water elf to care for them.”

“Let’s not keep the queen, then,” suggested Cherry.

I followed Cherry and Rinna discreetly, half-curious.  They appeared to be looking for “the wise one”, whoever that was.  I wanted to see what creepazoid was living in my yard.

10-15-15 02410-15-15 030

Cherry was looking everywhere, but Rinna seemed more interested in the trees.

10-15-15 020

“This is so cozy!” said Rinna.

“I’ll try it out,” said Cherry,”WOW!”

10-15-15 02210-15-15 023

“Is the Wise One here?”  mumbled Cherry.

At  3pm, Rinna suggested they sit and rest.

“That sounds great!” said Cherry.

“In a tree!” squealed Rinna.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” muttered Cherry.

10-15-15 034

“Isn’t this nice?” said Rinna.

10-15-15 035

“I suppose.  But where do you think the Wise One could be?” Cherry said.

“Hmmm.  Maybe he’s hiding from us.”

I heard a low chuckle from the ground.  Apparently, so did they.  Rinna and Cherry hopped right out of the tree and saw…

10-15-15 027

“IT’S THE WISE ONE!!!” screamed Rinna.

“Sheesh, calm down.” Cherry held her hands to her ears.

The garden gnome??? I thought.

“Wise One, our Queen Elaina wants you to tell us your secret: how do you stay in the human world so long without anybody noticing you?”

“Well, people here like me as a garden decoration.  I’ve divided my magic amongst all garden gnomes, and now I can never die as long as someone has a garden gnome.”

That makes sense.

“I see you have a friend,” said the Garden Gnome, gesturing towards me.


They both turned around… and spotted me.

10-15-15 029

“Have you been spying the whole time?!?” Cherry fumed.

“Well…yes-…” I stammered.

“Oh my.  Well, just don’t follow us into Elfwyld, and keep the gnome.”  Rinna said practically.

“Let’s go before any more pests come!” Cherry said.

“Bye!” Rinna said.

10-15-15 047

The End

As you can see, I’m obcessed with making capes!  Do you have elves in your backyard?  Tell us in the comments! 🙂



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