AG Holiday Catalogue Pics 2015 – By IrishAG

A few weeks ago, we got the AG 2015 Holiday Catalogue.  I didn’t take photos of the whole thing, just stuff I really liked.

10-29-15 056

This is the cover splayed on a table.

10-29-15 026

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!  I LOVE Maryellen in that dress!  Grace and Addy are cute, too.  A 14 year old named Valerie took this photo.  I love the little treats!

10-29-15 02810-29-15 027

Truly Me and Julia.

10-29-15 029

Holiday Shopping!

10-29-15 030

Let it GOOO!!!

10-29-15 031

My personal fave.  The AG dolls are opening up mini AG dolls!

10-29-15 032


10-29-15 033

Funny, don’t all AG fans mix and match their wardrobes???

10-29-15 03410-29-15 05910-29-15 058

Dress like your doll.  I love the far left photo, the girl looks so cute!

10-29-15 03610-29-15 037


10-29-15 038

The beautiful Pattisserie.

10-29-15 03910-29-15 04010-29-15 041

Ava C.= CUTE!!! Look at her little face!  🙂

Onto Beforever!

10-29-15 04210-29-15 043

10-29-15 04510-29-15 04610-29-15 04710-29-15 052

I don’t really like Rebecca, but her new outfit is so cute!

10-29-15 053

Love Kaya’s red dress!

10-29-15 05110-29-15 048

AG put together rooms with combos of all the collections.  My fave is the photo on the right.

10-29-15 054

At first I thought this was a real girl, but then I saw the stitching on her neck!  🙂

10-29-15 06010-29-15 061

Yep.  Totally agree with that quote.

10-29-15 055

I don’t even like Bitty Baby, but that little girl is too cute to pass up!

~The End~

Whew, that was long!  Do you like the Holiday Catalogue?



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