Pigtail Flip Hairstyle – By IrishAG

Today I’ll be showing you to do the pigtail flip hairstyle!  I’ll be doing it on Josefina. You’ll need two ponytail holders, a brush, and a squirt bottle filled with water.

11-17-15 210Step 1: Make sure your doll’s hair is tangle-free.  Use the squirt bottle to tame flyaways.

11-17-15 211Step 2: Seperate the doll’s hair into two equal sections.

11-17-15 213Step 3: Tie off one section as a pigtail.

11-17-15 215Step 4: Make a hole between the pigtail and the head of the doll.

11-17-15 216Step 5: Tuck the ponytail into the hole.

11-17-15 218

It will look like this.  Tighten if you like.

11-17-15 219Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 on the other section.

11-17-15 22011-17-15 224

Voila!  You’re done!  You can either put the pigtails in front or back.

Most of the votes on my blog poll were for a hairstyle tutorial, so here it is!  Should I do another one sometime?  Do you like this hairstyle?




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