Grace vs. Julia – By IrishAG

Here’s the review of Grace!

11-24-15 027

  She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!  Her freckle pattern is different than any other dolls.

11-24-15 026

The back view… from here you can really see her gorgeous hair.  It’s longer than her waist and is really fun to play with!  🙂

11-24-15 02811-24-15 030

The shirt says “Paris I love you” in French.  The pink stripes are glittery.  On th right sleeve there is the Grace tag.  This is a very versatile piece.

11-24-15 029

The skirt is pink with a black bow.  It’s really cute, but very short.  You could always put some leggings underneath.

11-24-15 031

The boots are so versatile and cute!  The bows are attatched to a strip of fabric that sometimes flips up, but besides that, no problems.

11-24-15 034

(Sorry for the blurry pic.)  Her eyes are deep blue, and her eyebrows are feathered.  We didn’t get her ears pierced.

11-24-15 046

There’s a small section of her bang that’s floppy.  It can easily be brushed to the side, though.

11-24-15 05311-24-15 057.JPG

Grace comes with a charm bracelet and her first book.  (Nellie is modeling the bracelet.)

11-24-15 032

Now I’m going to compare Julia (Just Like You #23) and Grace.  When Grace came out, I thought she was Julia’s twin.  As the photo shows, this is not the case.

11-24-15 035

First, hair.  Julia’s is shorter and blonder.  She also has no bangs.

11-24-15 036

Their skin tones are totally different.  Grace has very light skin.

11-24-15 042

Their face molds are different.  Julia has the classic, and Grace has the Josefina.

11-24-15 041

Here you can really see the difference.

Now for a few bonus pics!

11-24-15 04311-24-15 04411-24-15 045

I rate Grace 5 out of 5 stars!  The only things I don’t like are the short skirt and floppy bang.

What do you think of Grace?



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