Lea Countdown! – By IrishAG

Who is the new Girl of the Year? Discover clues in special videos released every day until Jan. 1.

Photo from http://www.americangirl.com/

American Girl has put up a countdown for Lea!  And the silhouette matches the leaked photo!   It’s the same thing that they did for Grace: short videos with a little clue about her story, and a countdown for the days, hours and seconds until Lea arrives.  I’m excited, but also kind of sad because Grace is awesome.  I really want to see what Lea looks like in an official photo!

The video is really weird.  It’s a girl screaming on a bed with a snorkel.

Anyhoo, happy 2nd day of Christmas!

❤ , IrishAG


Christmas! – By IrishAG

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope yours is great!  Ours is going well.  🙂 

I haven’t done a photoshoot in a long time!  Grace and Julia were all dressed up, I couldn’t resist!  XD12-14-15 037

12-14-15 032

Guess who’s excited for Christmas!

12-14-15 035

12-14-15 034

12-14-15 038.JPG

12-14-15 036

12-14-15 039

Doll feet!

12-14-15 028

12-14-15 029

Bright light!

12-14-15 041

May your days be merry and bright!

12-14-15 027

A fun edit.

That’s it!  There aren’t so many photos of Grace because Curiousgeorgefan wanted to play with her during the photoshoot.  🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


In The Mix With Grace Says Bye! – By IrishAG

Farewell, Grace Thomas.

Picture from AG’s website.

Hi guys!  So, as you might have known, American Girl has a thing on their website called in the mix with Grace.  It’s a “blog” that “Grace” posts on every Tuesday.  Today they put up the last post.  😦  I enjoyed it, and I’m sad it’s over.  I read every post.  Maybe Lea will have something similar!  🙂

Do you like In The Mix With Grace?


My First Pop! – By IrishAG

Today I’m going to be doing a post that is not related to AG.  ( I hope you guys don’t mind!)  I was going to do a Christmas post with our cousins dolls and our dolls, and it was all ready, and everything was great and then… I forgot the camera.  *Facepalm*  But I get to review this Funko Pop! instead!12-21-15 001

I bet you can guess which ones they are…

12-21-15 002

If you guessed Rapunzel and Pascal, you’re right!

12-21-15 004

Here they are outside of the box.

12-21-15 006.JPG12-21-15 00512-21-15 007.JPG12-21-15 012.JPG

Rapunzel is so cute!  She has a paintbrush and is barefoot.  My fave thing about her is defenitly her hair.  So beautiful!  The way it curls at the bottom is sweet.

12-21-15 008.JPG12-21-15 009.JPG

Now Pascal.  He is really tiny, so I’m going to have to be careful to not lose him.

Now some bonus pics!

12-21-15 010

12-21-15 011

12-21-15 013.JPG

I rate the set 5 out of 5 stars!  Rapunzel’s detail is amazing, and Pascal is so cute!  The only thing I would change is Rapunzel holding a frying pan.  But the paintbrush is a rare nod to her artistic side!

Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess.  Who’s yours?





Review: Maryellen’s Birthday Dress – By IrishAG

No Image

(Picture from AG’s website.)

Hi girls!  I recieved Maryellen’s Birthday Dress for an early Christmas present, and Julia will be modeling it.

12-14-15 031

It might be my favorite AG dress ever!  It is gorgeous!  It comes with a headband, shoes, and the dress.  The headband is green with a side bow.

12-14-15 030.JPG

The back of the dress.  It velcros in back.

12-14-15 044

A closer look at the bodice.  The sash has a pink faux flower on it.

12-14-15 04512-14-15 046

The skirt has a sheer tulle-ish layer on top, and a silky layer underneath.

12-14-15 04812-14-15 047

The shoes are so cute!  They are a bit lighter than hot pink, and have a white bow on top.  The first picture shows the sides.

12-14-15 050

I rate the outfit 5 out of 5 stars!  Literally no complaints.  One thing that’s nice about it is that it can be worn in Spring, Summer, and Winter.   It is backordered on the website to February 26, 2016, but it might be available at a store near you!

❤ , IrishAG

International Readers! – By IrishAG

Irish AG Dolls has gone international!  Welcome readers from Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom!  The dolls were super excited too, and got dressed up as people from the countries.

12-9-15 036.JPG

WordPress didn’t tell me which country in the United Kingdom visited, so Elizabeth is dressed in an English 18th century gown.Nellie is dressed in an Irish step dress for Ireland, and Julia is dressed as a Canadian girl.

We are so happy you are here!  If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

<3, IrishAG


GOTY 2016 Lea Clark Leak! – By IrishAG

Do you want to see the next Girl of the Year?  Here she is!  Photo from http://www.dolldays.com/

I’m not sure what I think of her yet, I’ll have to see her in person!  I like Grace better at this point.  Gymnast03 really, REALLY likes her.  Her hair is pretty!  And so unique!  I don’t know much about her stories, except that she goes to Brazil.   I like the Josefina face mold, I’m glad they used it.   I wonder what else will be in her collection…  🙂  I don’t know if this is her, but I’m pretty sure!  What do you think of Lea Clark?  Are you going to save up for her?


Grace’s Collection: My Opinion By IrishAG

Hey guys!  I know this is a little late, with Grace being released in January, so sorry about that.  All pics are from American Girl’s website.

No Image

The Grace doll is super cute!  I love her!  The shirt is very touristy, but looks like something an American girl might wear!  I love, love, love her boots!  The bracelet is really cute.

No Image

Bonbon looks like a stuffed animal to me.  Which is fine, but I wouldn’t pay $22 for her.

No Image

Accessories:  I like the macarons, but not the other stuff.  Okay, maybe the beret.   🙂

 No Image

Sightseeing outfit and Accessories:  This outfit is ADORBS!  The sunglasses look pretty cheap to me for AG.  I love the boots and shrug!  (Boots, shrug, and glasses sold in a seperate set from the outfit.)

No Image

Love the hair bow, (Get it?  A bow made out of hair?) and the other bow, but I don’t want this set.

No ImageNo Image

 “Inspired by” fashions!  I like the bow one, but why is it $2 more than the puppy one?  Blue shirt: $28  Puppy shirt: $26

No Image

Pastry Cart:  In my dreams… Love it!!!!

No Image

Opening Night Outfit:  Cute!  Love the headband!  Reminds me of the Kentucky Derby!

No Image

Pajamas:  Love!  So sweet, and blue looks so good on her!

No Image

City Outfit: Curiousgeorgefan wants this!  I think it’s super cute, too.

No Image

Paris Accessories:  So cute!  The bag is the best!

No Image

Baking Outfit:  On my Christmas list.  I seriously love everything about this!

No Image

Travel Coat:  Squeee!  So French!

No Image

Travel Set:  Love the suitcase!

No Image

Bistro Set:  So pretty!  Did you see the Eiffel Tower on the back of the seat?

No Image

Baking Set: Like this too!  Grace is so techie; look at her iPad!

No ImageNo ImageNo ImageNo Image

Travel Case, Jewelry Keeper, Stationary Set, and Phone Wristlet for Girls:  Like it all, but the jewelry keeper is so small.  Maybe for doll earrings…

No Image

Patisserie:  I know it’s sold out, but I just love looking at it.  $500 is just too much.  😦

No Image

I’m not posting any of the other Williams- Sonoma sets,  but Grace just looked so cute, I couldn’t resist.  I could totally make this, though.

Voila!  Grace is my fave GOTY, she’s so stinkin’ cute!  Your thoughts?