Review: Maryellen’s Birthday Dress – By IrishAG

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(Picture from AG’s website.)

Hi girls!  I recieved Maryellen’s Birthday Dress for an early Christmas present, and Julia will be modeling it.

12-14-15 031

It might be my favorite AG dress ever!  It is gorgeous!  It comes with a headband, shoes, and the dress.  The headband is green with a side bow.

12-14-15 030.JPG

The back of the dress.  It velcros in back.

12-14-15 044

A closer look at the bodice.  The sash has a pink faux flower on it.

12-14-15 04512-14-15 046

The skirt has a sheer tulle-ish layer on top, and a silky layer underneath.

12-14-15 04812-14-15 047

The shoes are so cute!  They are a bit lighter than hot pink, and have a white bow on top.  The first picture shows the sides.

12-14-15 050

I rate the outfit 5 out of 5 stars!  Literally no complaints.  One thing that’s nice about it is that it can be worn in Spring, Summer, and Winter.   It is backordered on the website to February 26, 2016, but it might be available at a store near you!

❤ , IrishAG


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