Lea Sale! – By IrishAG

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Pictures from AG’s website.

On American Girl’s website, they’re having an awesome sale!  Some of Lea’s things are on sale in a bundle with the doll, and everything has free shipping!  The bundles are all $150.  Here’s the link: http://www.americangirl.com/shop/dolls/girl-of-the-year-lea/

I wonder why they’re having a sale on her things so soon after her release… maybe she’s not selling well???  What do you think?



Who Wore It Best #1 Results – By IrishAG

Hi and happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Last week I posted Who Wore It Best #1.  You voted who looked best in Nellie O’Malley’s meet dress: Elizabeth the 1st or Saige.  Today I have the results!  Here are the photos:

11-24-15 058                                                                                       Saige

11-24-15 059                                                                          Elizabeth the 1st








(Drumroll please)










Saige got 2 votes and Elizabeth the 1st got 5 votes.

Thank you all for voting!  I’ll probably do this again… what do you think?

❤ , IrishAG  🙂  XD

Who Looks Best #1 (Ended) – By IrishAG

Hi guys!  I’m going to try something new, called who looks best!  I hope you like it!  🙂  Here’s how it works:

1. Look at the two photos and decide who you think looks best in the outfit.

2. Comment and tell me your choice.

3. Comment by January 17th.  The winner will be posted on January 18th.

And now, Who Looks Best!

The outfit is Nellie O’Malley’s meet outfit.

11-24-15 058

Will you pick Saige?

11-24-15 059

Or will you pick Elizabeth the 1st?

Please comment below!  Thank you!  XD


My Trip To Target – By IrishAG

Hi!  A few days ago I went to Target.  I’ll be showing you photos of Our Generation, Disney and Star Wars stuff.  Our Generation is an 18″ doll line Target sells.   Anyhoo…

1-3-16 016This cracked me up.  Darth Vader coming through your wall.  🙂

1-3-16 017

Evie is my fave Descendants carachter.

1-3-16 0191-3-16 018

Frozen dolls…

1-3-16 022This snowgie is really cute.  XD

1-3-16 031

I love this diner!

1-3-16 033A fun and fancy outfit.

1-3-16 034This looks like Julie’s hairstyle set!

1-3-16 045Do you see the gnome?  So cute!

1-3-16 044That girl looks a lot like the mean girl Renata from the Isabelle movie!

After looking through the doll section, I went to the clearance section.  This is what I saw:

1-3-16 0461-3-16 047

And this was the best part:

1-3-16 048Look out Elsa!!!  🙂

That was my trip to Target!

Have you seen the force awakens?  If not, are you going to?


Lea’s Collection: My Opinion – By IrishAG

Lea is here!  I didn’t go to her debut, but here are my thoughts on her collection.  (All pics from AG’s website.)

No Image

First off, Lea herself!  She is beautiful!  I wasn’t so sure about her when I saw her leaks, but now I like her!  I love her hair!  I like how her necklace and bag are included in the $120 price.  And her name is pronounced Leigha, not Lee.  (Now I know!)

No Image

Her accessories set is $32.  It seems a bit pricy to me.  I love the camera and the headband!

No ImageNo ImageNo Image

All of Lea’s pets.  They look like stuffed animals to me, which I’m not a huge fan of.  The sloth is unique.

No Image

Love these!  Her pajamas are so cute, and I think you could wear this as regular clothes, too!

No ImageI love this!  The shirt is really pretty.  And the hiking boots are so fun!

No ImageHer hiking accessories are cool!  The backpack and cane are my faves!

No ImageI’m not a fan of swimsuits on dolls, because I think it looks weird to see their cloth bodies and vinyl arms.  I like the colors, though.

No Image

This looks really pretty on her.  It reminds me of Grace’s city outfit.  The shorts are very versatile.  The dip dye on the shirt is fun!

No ImageThe beach accessories don’t really grab me.

No ImageJust like Jess, Lea has a kayak!  Bagpipe99 has a kayak, so that’s cool.

No ImageHer fruit stand is cute!  I love the colors.  It’s $150.  I could probably make it, with two peices of cardboard.

No Image

Her rainforest house is awesome!  There is so much to it!  It’s $395 so I’m probably not going to get it.

Are you going to get/already have Lea?  What do you think of her?  What’s your favorite thing in her collection?