Colonial Nellie – By IrishAG

This is the first photoshoot I ever did!  When everything was green, snow a distant memory…  (Super dramtic, I know.)  🙂

cape tutorial 018

“I’m going to go out for a walk.”

cape tutorial 022

Walking through the forest.

cape tutorial 023

Life’s better in a tree.

cape tutorial 024

Where is she going?

cape tutorial 025


cape tutorial 027

In the sculpture garden.

cape tutorial 028

I was really frustrated with the sun when I was taking this photo, but I ❤ how it turned out!  “Half in sun, half in shadow.” 🙂

cape tutorial 029

And now for something hideously improper…

cape tutorial 030cape tutorial 031

*Gasp* Swinging! :p

I saved the best for last…

cape tutorial 026

OMIGOSH!!!! She is so sweet! Look at her face!

cape tutorial 032


I love Nellie in that dress!  In case you’re one of those: ” Omigosh, what is she wearing?” kinds of people, here’s the outfit synopsis:

Dress: Felicity’s 2nd Meet Dress

Cape: Homemade Anna cape

Shoes: From an outfit my Grandma gave Curiousgeorgefan

Who would you like to see a photoshoot of next?

<3, IrishAG


Historic Savings & Z Crew Merchandise – By IrishAG

No ImageNo Image

All pictures from AG’s website.

American Girl is having a bundle sale for Samantha, kind of like what they did for Lea.  These are the two bundles.  They are both $135, which is a very good deal!  I like the fancy set, but I won’t get anything.  I wonder if AG will have bundle sales for all the Beforever carachters???  What do you think?

Z.Crew Tee Shirt for GirlsZ.Crew Tablet CaseZ.Crew USB Flash Drive

Did anybody else watch the Z Crew episodes on youtube?  AG came out with some new merchandise inspired by it.  I like the shirt.  🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of sale posts lately, sorry!  My next post will be with our dolls in it.

❤ , IrishAG

P.S.  What do you think of the new theme?


Truly Me Spring 2016 Releases: My Opinion – By IrishAG

Today American Girl put up some new Truly Me and Bitty Baby things!  I’ll just be writing about the Truly Me things.  All pictures from

On to the new releases!

No Image

Tennis Ace Outfit ($34) – This is really cute!  I love everything!  But I love this doll so maybe I’m biased.  🙂

No ImageNo Image

Fun Floral Boots ($16) and Striped Sunglasses ($10) – The boots are cute, but overpriced to me.  The sunglasses are okay.

No Image

Rainbow Sprinkles Outfit ($30) – Omigosh, it’s Julia!!!  I think she looks really pretty in this.  The top and bottom are cute, the shoes look like jello, bur the bracelet and hair tie aren’t really cute.  They look a little junky.  The name is super fun!

No Image

Spring Breeze Dress ($32) – Love the polka dots on the top!  This is cute, but it’s all the same color.

No Image

Woven Flower Purse ($10) – Cute, but maybe overpriced.

No Image

Ice Cream Cart ($85) – I love this!!!  Seriously, so much.  I love ice cream, and this is more affordable than the snack cart or Samantha’s ice cream parlor!

Lea and Camila is available now, as are a lot of other books!

What do you think of the new release?


Lea Clark Book Series Review – By IrishAG

Hi everybody!

Gymnast03, Mom and I just finished Lea and Camila, the last book in the Lea series!  We’ve read all three of the books now, so I made a “review” of the things I liked and disliked. *WARNING!  This contains spoilers for the Lea books, so if you haven’t read them yet and want to be surprised, you should probably stop reading.*

All right, let’s get to Lea Dives In!

Things I liked:

  • The vibrant descriptions!  (I love Lisa Yee’s writing!)
  • Ama and Lea’s relationship.  Lea really looks up to Ama, which I thought was sweet.
  • Lea’s travel blog.  Just like Grace Thomas, Lea blogs about her adventures!  Maybe AG will make it on their website like In The Mix With Grace!
  • Camila.  Oh my gosh, she was so sweet!  I loved the way she befriended Lea.  And when she surprised Lea with the beautiful dress!
  • Lea facing her fear of the ocean.  Good thing she did, she saw awesome things under the sea.
  • Her dad.  He was so corny and funny, espiscally his “Brazil Nut” cap.  XD  And he was always so prepared, even when he fell off the cliff!
  • When Lea had the super spicy food at the restaurant.  It cracked me up.
  • The cover art.  So pretty!  I love the parrots.
  • Last but not least, the Darth Vader reference!!!  😀

Things I disliked:

  • Lea’s negative attitude.  Luckily it wore off by the end of the book.
  • Zac.  He didn’t seem to want to spend time with his family, and would rather be with Paloma, his crush.  Which brings me to
  • Zac’s crush on Paloma.  That was akward.

And last but not least…

  • Lea throwing her Grandmother’s necklace into the ocean as an offering to a pagan goddess!  It was her Grandma’s before she passed away.  And if Lea cares so much about the animals and the enviroment, why did she help with throwing baskets of junk into the river?!?  That was pretty bad.

Now book 2, Lea leads the way.

Things I liked:

  • Zac’s host family, espiscally Tomas!  He was so sweet to Lea and Amanda.
  • All the wildlife they saw.
  • Galo Louco.  He was funny!
  • When Lea ate larvae.  Lisa Yee did too, and you can go to her website to see pictures!
  • And my favorite part, by far, was Amanda the sloth!  Oh my gosh she was so cute!!!  🙂

Things I disliked:

  • How freaked out Zac got when Lea suggested he poke an ant’s habitat.  He said sorry later, though.

And now the last book, Lea and Camila.

Things I liked:

  • How Lea, Camila and Abby got along.  It was rocky at times, but better than some other books.
  • How they showed that even “unexotic” places like St. Louis could be fun and exciting.
  • How Lea doesn’t live on the East Coast.
  • The Coventry House.  The hidden room was awesome.
  • Hallie!  The whole search for and finding her was fun.  And she was such a neat carachter.
  • The photography, espiscally the two Hallie photos.  🙂
  • How Hallie gave Lea a compass necklace.  I know some were disappointed that Lea never got it back, but she got another one!
  • The girls getting frozen custard.  I love it!

Things I disliked:

  • Abby’s disobeying Mrs. Clark.  That was dangerous and disrespectful!
  • Abby not inviting Lea to the game.  I think this should’ve been handled by adults.
  • Of course, the fight.  But it was well resolved.

Overall, I liked the series.  My favorite book was Lea and Camila.  It’s not available for purchase yet, but my library got it early.  🙂  Sorry this was so long!

Do you like Lea’s books?


Duct Tape Dresses – By IrishAG

I made some more duct tape dresses!  Josefina will be modeling them today.  I don’t have them anymore because I gave them to my cousins.

11-17-15 124

First, Frozenlover626’s.  It is made of Frozen and light blue duct tape.  On the top, there is a snowflake.

11-17-15 126This is Booklover3000’s.  It is pink, blue and green and has cotton candy on top.

11-17-15 130Last but not least, Gtmnast05’s.  It is made of hot pink and flamingo duct tape.

Which one is your favorite?