Truly Me Spring 2016 Releases: My Opinion – By IrishAG

Today American Girl put up some new Truly Me and Bitty Baby things!  I’ll just be writing about the Truly Me things.  All pictures from

On to the new releases!

No Image

Tennis Ace Outfit ($34) – This is really cute!  I love everything!  But I love this doll so maybe I’m biased.  🙂

No ImageNo Image

Fun Floral Boots ($16) and Striped Sunglasses ($10) – The boots are cute, but overpriced to me.  The sunglasses are okay.

No Image

Rainbow Sprinkles Outfit ($30) – Omigosh, it’s Julia!!!  I think she looks really pretty in this.  The top and bottom are cute, the shoes look like jello, bur the bracelet and hair tie aren’t really cute.  They look a little junky.  The name is super fun!

No Image

Spring Breeze Dress ($32) – Love the polka dots on the top!  This is cute, but it’s all the same color.

No Image

Woven Flower Purse ($10) – Cute, but maybe overpriced.

No Image

Ice Cream Cart ($85) – I love this!!!  Seriously, so much.  I love ice cream, and this is more affordable than the snack cart or Samantha’s ice cream parlor!

Lea and Camila is available now, as are a lot of other books!

What do you think of the new release?



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