Freckles and Flowers – By IrishAG

Hi and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Hope your day is fun(whether you’re Irish or not) !  😀

I took my dolls Julia and Nellie out for a photoshoot today!  They both have freckles and were wearing flowers, hence the title.  Anyway… on to the photos!

3-17-16 104.JPGDoll feet!  🙂

3-17-16 105.JPG

3-17-16 106.JPGThe light is fun in this one.  🙂

3-17-16 108.JPGWe’re finally getting some sprouts!

3-17-16 109.JPGJulia’s celtic knot hairstyle!

3-17-16 110.JPGJulia:  “A little help here, Nellie?”

3-17-16 113.JPG


3-17-16 114.JPG

3-17-16 116.JPGNellie:  “‘Sup?”

3-17-16 117.JPG

3-17-16 118.JPG

 3-17-16 119

3-17-16 120.JPG                                                                          A few Nellie edits.

That’s all folks!  🙂

❤ , IrishAG


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