Celtic Knot Hairstyle – By IrishAG

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I posted Freckles and Flowers (a photoshoot).  This is a tutorial for the hairstyle I did on Julia.  I call it a “celtic knot”, but it’s also known as a five-strand braid.  😀

 4-3-16 001

As usual, the first step is to mist your doll’s hair with water and brush it out.  Make sure it’s tangle-free, otherwise seperating the sections will be very difficult.  (I’ve learned this the hard way.)  🙂

4-3-16 002

Now seperate the hair into two sections, one above and one lower.  Tie off the lower section.

4-3-16 003

Seperate the top section into five equal parts.  Set the two left hand strands to the side.

4-3-16 004

Start braiding the two right hand strands and the center strand.

4-3-16 005.JPG

Then, take a strand from the braid and braid it with the two left hand strands.

4-3-16 006

Go back and forth, braiding first the right side, then the left.  (You’ll probably need to do this a couple of times before you get the desired look.)

4-3-16 007

When you’ve reached the desired endpoint, tie off all the strands with an elastic.

4-3-16 008

Remember that bottom section?  Untie the elastic, and arrange the hair however you wish.

4-3-16 009

I curled Julia’s hair a bit.

4-3-16 011

Now your doll has a beautiful celtic knot hairstyle!  I hope the directions were clear enough, and feel free to comment with questions!

❤ , IrishAG


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