Beautiful Bride – By IrishAG

Hello!  I made a dress for our AG dolls a few months ago, and I saved this photo shoot for later.  Bet you can guess what it is!10-29-15 081


If you guessed wedding dress, you were right!  🙂

10-29-15 082

A bird’s-eye view.

10-29-15 084

 10-29-15 085

10-29-15 086

10-29-15 087

10-29-15 088

I know… a lot of flower pictures.  I was expirementing with different angles and such.  🙂

10-29-15 089

10-29-15 093

10-29-15 094

10-29-15 097The embroidery on the train.  It’s called a Montpelier rose.

10-29-15 096And the back.  It’s a lace up bodice, with an extra long ribbon.  🙂

10-29-15 098What is she wearing?

Dress – homemade wedding dress, made by me

Shoes – Nellie’s party dress shoes (Retired)

Necklace – a ribbon I found

Which photo was your favorite?  Have you ever made a wedding dress for your doll?

❤ , IrishAG


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