My Opinion On the New AG Items – By IrishAG

American Girl has come out with some new stuff!  And Lea’s movie is available for pre-order.  All pictures from AG’s website.

Lea's Beach Picnic Set                                       Lea’s Beach Picnic Set ($34) – This is so cute!  A little overpriced, though.  I love the little truffles and the drink.  😀

Lea Clark's Adventure Tee for Girls

Lea Clark’s Adventure Tee for Girls ($28) – I’m excited that they have this for girls now!  🙂  The watercolor butterfly is beautiful.

Lea Clark's Green Wish Bracelet for GirlsLea Clark's Orange Wish Bracelet for GirlsLea Clark's Pink Wish Bracelet for GirlsLea Clark's Blue Wish Bracelet for Girls

Wish Bracelets ($8 each) – These are adorable!  I like them all, but you could totally make one of these.

Lea Clark's Beaded Necklace for Girls

Lea Clark’s Beaded Necklace for Girls ($18) – Cute and colorful!  🙂

Lea's Celebration Outfit for Dolls

Lea’s Celebration Outfit ($34) –  I love this outfit!!!  Embroidery is one of my favorite things, and now Lea has a dress in her collection!  (And it comes in girl sizes…)  XD

Stars & Stripes Set for Dolls

Stars and Stripes Set ($34) – I like the long sleeved one, but I’m probably not going to be getting this.

Spirit Squad Outfit for Dolls

Spirit Squad Outfit ($28) – This is adorable!  I love the color on that doll!

Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranian Puppy ($28) – CUTE!!!  Gymnast03 likes it.  And the green toy is new.

Fur-rocious Pet Outfit

Fur-rocious Pet Outfit ($18) – This is really not my thing.

Galaxy Pet Bed

Galaxy Pet Bed ($26) – The cushion is cute, but I don’t like the stars very much.

Rainbow Collar & Leash

Rainbow Collar and Leash ($12) – Cute, but overpriced.

There are new Bitty Baby things and some new books, as well.  What is your favorite thing from the new release?

❤ , IrishAG


14 thoughts on “My Opinion On the New AG Items – By IrishAG

  1. I like the stars& stripes set because IT SHOWS MY TM DOLL!! They hardly ever use #59 for stock photos. :/ OOOOH, I LOVE Lea’s new dress! *digs through wallet*


    1. I love #59! Yeah, you don’t see her very often.
      Yes! I’m so happy she has one! When Lea came out, I was disappointed that there were no dresses in her collection. 🙂
      ❤ , IrishAG


  2. I love the things, but with what AG has been supporting, I just don’t think I can support them, no matter how hard it is not to buy their things. I made the decision today, this just made it harder! But still, I did not know about the release.


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