Review: Addy Walker Doll & Accessories – By IrishAG

Hi readers!  Happy Memorial Day!  I haven’t posted in a while, because I had an Irish Step performance a few days ago, and a parade today!  😀  They were both awesome.  XD

Aaaaaand… guess what?!?  I hit 40 WordPress followers yesterday!  Woo-hoo!  Thanks guys.  I can’t believe it!  You guys make me feel so special.  🙂  I love all your sweet comments.  I haven’t gotten a mean one yet!  Okay, on to the review.  😀

Addy Review 001

As you probably know, I bought the lovely Addy Walker doll and accessories.  I was super freaked out at the store, wondering if I should buy Addy or Maryellen.  At one point, I was circling around a display that had both of them on it.  😀  True story.  I decided on Addy for a couple of reasons (some are listed here):

  • I love her stories.
  • Her time period is cool.
  • We didn’t  have any black dolls at the time, so adding diversity seemed like a good idea.  🙂
  • I LOVE her meet outfit.  Seriously.
  • My other two dolls have short-ish hair.


Today I’m going to be reviewing her and her accessories.  🙂

Let’s start at the bottom for a change!  😀

Addy Review 002.JPG

Her boots are adorable.  The little “buttons” don’t actually button, but that’s okay because they are super small.  And they look like chocolate chips.  The boots have little heels on them, which makes it difficult to stand her up in the grass or uneven ground.  :p  The boots have Velcro on the back, but they are challenging to put on over her socks.  Her socks are white and almost knee-length.  I don’t have much to say about them.

Addy Review 003

Her drawers are white and lace trimmed.  They are a nice historical touch.

Addy Review 004

Her DRESS!  XD  I wish it came in my size!  It is a gorgeous shade of blue.  I think it’s close to Royal blue.  It has a small pattern on it.  There are also black bows and piping.  It has cap sleeves, which is really cute.

Addy Review 005

Now to her face!  Addy has the “Addy” face mold (go figure), and she is our only doll that has it.  Her skin is this beautiful cocoa brown with a reddish undertone.  She has warm, chocolate brown eyes and feathered eyebrows.  At the store, all of the display Addys I saw had line eyebrows, but all the Addys in boxes had feathered ones.  Weird, right?  I personally prefer the feathered.  Addy has permanent hoop earrings.  I wish they came out, but it’s not a big deal.  My Mom is happy because they can’t get lost.  😉

Addy Review 006.JPGAddy Review 007.JPG

Addy’s hair is black, textured and a bit wavy when you take it out of the braids.  She came with two French braids tied together with blue bows, but I redid her hair.  I was a bit worried when I bought her that her hair would be tough to work with.  Actually, it’s not a problem!  You can just brush her hair with a regular doll hairbrush.  The coarseness isn’t a problem at all, either.  🙂   She does have lots of flyaways, and her hair is longer on the sides than the middle.   AG never has any pictures of Addy with her hair down, which is kind of annoying if you’re thinking of buying her.  Her hair is REALLY LONG, as you can see.

American Girl Finding Freedom: An Addy Classic 1

Picture from AG’s website.

She comes with this book. I haven’t read it yet, (since I’ve read her old books) but I like the cover art.  I wish the AG books still had illustrations.  😦

Now to her accessories!

Addy Review 012

There are three pieces: a bonnet, a cowrie shell necklace and a patchwork bag.  The bonnet is definitely my favorite!  It frames Addy’s face so sweetly.  The ribbon is sewn on very securely, which I’m grateful for.  The necklace is on a plain black cord, and is very significant in her stories.  The bag looks like it’s patchwork, but it’s actually one piece of fabric.  The interior of the bag is the same fabric as Addy’s dress, so if you wanted to have her dress match her bag, you could.  You’d just need to cut off the tag, if you cared.  The bag is a bit small.

I’ve heard that she might be retiring, with Melody coming out this Summer.  😦  If you don’t want her to be retired, ask your parent if you can go to this website to help “save” her     They’re halfway there!  I think Addy’s time period, 1864, is very important for American girls today to know about.

So there you go!  I would definitely recommend her.  The only thing I don’t like is that her earrings don’t come out, but that’s not a big problem.  😀

Do you have Addy Walker?  What do you like and/or dislike about her?

❤ , IrishAG


13 thoughts on “Review: Addy Walker Doll & Accessories – By IrishAG

  1. This is an awesome review! Addy is so pretty, I would hate for her to retire. 😦 But it would make sense now that they’re bringing out a new African American doll. Once again, really great review! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I think that it’s okay to have two AA dolls, they have lots of white ones. I think AG might be downsizing on their historical stuff.
      ❤ , IrishAG


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