The Name Game #2 (Closed)


Today we’ll play something called the name game.  To play, simply look at the doll I picked, and comment 1-10 names for her.  After the deadline, I’ll pick my 5 favorite names that were commented, and you’ll get to vote on your favorite.  And the doll I picked is…


Picture from American Girl Wikia

Truly Me #19!  Go ahead and comment, the deadline is November 27th.

❤ , IrishAG


19 thoughts on “The Name Game #2 (Closed)

  1. Let’s see.. my names are:
    1. Delilah
    2. Carenna
    3. Ariadne
    4. Amara
    5. Giselle
    6. Briana
    7. Brigitte
    8. Keren (like Karen, just spelled differently)
    9. Neiva
    10. Valencia
    This is so fun, thanks for doing this!

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  2. The names we are suggesting are..
    1. Deborah
    3. Angelina
    4. Amalia
    6. Brook
    7. Bethania
    8. Kaelyn
    9. Natalya
    10. Vivienne

    That was so much fun to do. Thanks for letting us help choose the names of your newest doll!!!

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