GOTY 2017 Doll Revealed on AG!!!

Who is the new Girl of the Year? Discover clues about her story in special videos released every day until Jan. 1.

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I don’t think this has happened before on AG, but before January 1st, they posted a picture of the new GOTY on their website!!!

On the “Stores” section of the site, it says that the GOTY’s name is Gabriela McBride.  So we have her official name and picture already!  I don’t really like the way they spelled Gabriela, I think there should be two “l”s in it.  I wonder if she’s going to be part Irish, with a last name like McBride.

Overall, I think she’s a cute doll(especially her hair!), but looks too much like a Truly Me doll.  It’s nice AG finally made an African American doll, though!

They also made an unboxing video, that you can watch on AG’s website.

What do you think of Gabriela?

❤ , IrishAG


6 thoughts on “GOTY 2017 Doll Revealed on AG!!!

  1. She is so cute…
    but her personality sounds like a mix of previous GOTYs overall I love her leaked collection but not really her leaked personality!
    -Lucky 🍀

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  2. I agree that she’s cute, but I wish they had made a new doll for her instead of recycling an old one. Also, I am not impressed by her meet outfit. The top half is cute, but with the leggings, she just looks too much like a made to move Barbie. I think Mattel is spending too much time on Tenney’s release, and nowhere near enough on Gabriela’s. Thanks for sharing this! How do you view this picture on AG’s website?

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