Following the Trends: Think Spring!

Hello everybody!

It is Julia here!  Spring has sprung, or it was supposed to.  *glares at snow* Anyway, spring styles are definitely here!

Have you read this delightful post about spring fashion?  If not, hop on over and then come back.

Did you do it?

All right!  It was full of great ideas for spring fashion, and now I will apply them to my wardrobe!

(Nellie here.  It’s our wardrobe.)

Hey!  Everything is communal when you have sisters!

*Sigh.* Jasmine from DWOD has such fashion sense.  I want to use all her ideas!

(Nellie again.  All at once?)

Of course!  Let’s see…

Okay, so Nellie was right.  I can’t possibly apply every tip in a single outfit with our wardrobe.

(Thank you.)

Moving on!

WIN_20200418_16_10_23_Pro (2)

So, here I am!  The tips I used, in order:

  1. Florals – well, there are little flowers on the skirt.  It counts!
  2. Light Dresses – no, unless I could wear one on top like a petticoat…
  3. Sandals – yes, with little bows and everything!
  4. Half-updos – yes, my Celtic Knot hairstyle is still miraculously intact from a month ago, and if IrishAG would think of changing it once in a while… moving on!
  5. Updos – well, my hairstyle sort of prevents this
  6. Pale colors – this shirt is my all-time favorite, full of nostalgic AGP memories… and coincidentally, is light pink.
  7. Shorts – nope, a skirt is what I have!
  8. Bracelets – no, my bracelets are not the right colors for this outfit.  Maybe I should make one…
  9. Doll’s color palette – this is a great idea, and I wish IrishAG would do this for me!  I think I look best in delicate and saturated shades, but my skin tone is hard to match things with sometimes.
  10. Lace – sadly, I have none.  Nellie has some from Ireland, but wouldn’t let me use it because it is torn.  😦

And there we have it!  I hope my outfit meets Jasmine’s approval!  XD

*Gasp* I have no sign-off!  I guess I’ll let IrishAG take over from here.  🙂

Hey everyone!  Hope you are finding things to smile at in these times!!!  Even if it is a little doll post.  🙂  What is your favorite thing about spring?  I LOVE blooming trees!  Even thinking about them makes me smile.

❤ ,

IrishAG xoxo

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