DIY American Girl Doll African Drum


Hello everybody!  Can you believe July is almost over?  This summer has been a whirlwind, at least for me!

Sooo… here’s a craft for y’all today!  An AG doll size African drum!  Here’s how you do it:

1.Gather your supplies!

You’ll need:

-a pair of scissors

-a piece of brown paper

-a small can


-a deflated balloon (preferably white or tan)

-a piece of string or raffia

-markers, glitter glue, etc.  (Optional)

2.Get the can ready!

7-31-17 010

Wrap a piece of paper around your can.  Tape it together in the back, and cut the excess paper.

3.The balloon

7-31-17 011

Cut the end off of the deflated balloon.  Stretch the balloon over the top of the can.  Try not to have air bubbles.

4.Decorate!  (Optional)

7-31-17 012.JPG

Decorate your paper, using markers, glitter glue, etc.

5.Finishing touch

7-31-17 013.JPG

Tie the raffia or string around the balloon.

And you’re done!

If you made it, I’d like to see!  Write a comment with a link to your blog post below!

❤ , IrishAG


AG Doll Size Kili Coat From the Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey

Hey everyone!

The title says it all.  I made a doll-size Kili coat.  Kili is a dwarf from the book and movies The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.  I’m a big Tolkien geek.  🙂  This coat is what Kili wears when you see him for the first time in the first movie- The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey.

Image result for Kili at your service

Credit to whoever owns this picture.

Kili’s on the right.  I made a VERY simplified version of his greyish-blue coat, basically from memory (and using the materials we had).  I love all the celtic designs…

Final Kili Coat 001

Have you ever seen any of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings movies?   (Bonus points if you’ve read the books!) If so, who are your favorite characters?

❤ , IrishAG

Happy (Late) St. Lucia Day!

Hi readers!  Happy belated St. Lucia day!   😀  (It was on December 13th.)


Picture from American Girl Wikia

This holiday is very special in Kirsten’s stories.  In Kirsten’s Surprise, Kirsten, with the help of her cousins, dresses up as St. Lucia and serves the traditional treats to her family.


Picture from American Girl Wikia

The gown above is the one AG sold.

Since we don’t have Kirsten’s St. Lucia gown, I decided to make one!  I used Josefina’s blouse from her feast outfit and a red ribbon we had lying around.  For the wreath, I scrounged in the basement and found some faux leaves that twine around each other nicely.  The candle is just from a box.


This is the result!  It’s not a perfect match, but it will do.   🙂  A VERY IMPORTANT TIP: If you use real candles for a doll’s St. Lucia outfit, do NOT Light the candles!!!!  You could damage your doll.

Do you celebrate St. Lucia day?

❤ , IrishAG

Celtic Knot Hairstyle – By IrishAG

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I posted Freckles and Flowers (a photoshoot).  This is a tutorial for the hairstyle I did on Julia.  I call it a “celtic knot”, but it’s also known as a five-strand braid.  😀

 4-3-16 001

As usual, the first step is to mist your doll’s hair with water and brush it out.  Make sure it’s tangle-free, otherwise seperating the sections will be very difficult.  (I’ve learned this the hard way.)  🙂

4-3-16 002

Now seperate the hair into two sections, one above and one lower.  Tie off the lower section.

4-3-16 003

Seperate the top section into five equal parts.  Set the two left hand strands to the side.

4-3-16 004

Start braiding the two right hand strands and the center strand.

4-3-16 005.JPG

Then, take a strand from the braid and braid it with the two left hand strands.

4-3-16 006

Go back and forth, braiding first the right side, then the left.  (You’ll probably need to do this a couple of times before you get the desired look.)

4-3-16 007

When you’ve reached the desired endpoint, tie off all the strands with an elastic.

4-3-16 008

Remember that bottom section?  Untie the elastic, and arrange the hair however you wish.

4-3-16 009

I curled Julia’s hair a bit.

4-3-16 011

Now your doll has a beautiful celtic knot hairstyle!  I hope the directions were clear enough, and feel free to comment with questions!

❤ , IrishAG

Pigtail Flip Hairstyle – By IrishAG

Today I’ll be showing you to do the pigtail flip hairstyle!  I’ll be doing it on Josefina. You’ll need two ponytail holders, a brush, and a squirt bottle filled with water.

11-17-15 210Step 1: Make sure your doll’s hair is tangle-free.  Use the squirt bottle to tame flyaways.

11-17-15 211Step 2: Seperate the doll’s hair into two equal sections.

11-17-15 213Step 3: Tie off one section as a pigtail.

11-17-15 215Step 4: Make a hole between the pigtail and the head of the doll.

11-17-15 216Step 5: Tuck the ponytail into the hole.

11-17-15 218

It will look like this.  Tighten if you like.

11-17-15 219Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 on the other section.

11-17-15 22011-17-15 224

Voila!  You’re done!  You can either put the pigtails in front or back.

Most of the votes on my blog poll were for a hairstyle tutorial, so here it is!  Should I do another one sometime?  Do you like this hairstyle?



Diy No-Sew Anna Cape for AG Dolls! By IrishAG

cape tutorial 017

I love the movie Frozen, so I thought it would be fun to make a tutorial for the Anna cape!  You could also use this tutorial for a colonial cape for Felicity, a hobbit cape, or any doll that needs a cool cape! 🙂  It requires no sewing AT ALL, and I did it start to finish in less than an hour, including stops to figure it out and take photos.  You can do it!

You’ll need:

  • felt
  • fabric scissors
  • ribbon
  • measuring tape
  • piece of scratch paper
  • pencil
  • pins

Step 1:

cape tutorial 001cape tutorial 002

Cut out a square of felt 18 1/2″ long and 10 1/2″ wide.

Step 2:

cape tutorial 003

Fold your fabric in half, and cut a soft curve at the bottom.  Unfold your fabric.

Step 3:

cape tutorial 004

Use your piece of scrap paper and cut a rough half circle, shown above.  Pin to a new piece of felt, and cut around the paper. (I used an old doodle page 🙂 )

Step 4:

cape tutorial 005cape tutorial 006

Unpin the paper from the felt.  The felt should look like the felt in the right picture.

Step 5:

cape tutorial 007cape tutorial 008

Your diameter should be about 10″.  Fold the straight part in half, and pin.

Step 6:

cape tutorial 010


Step 7:

cape tutorial 011cape tutorial 012

When you finish cutting, unpin the fabric.                          The slits should look like this.

Step 8:

Okay, I didn’t take a photo. Sorry!  Line up the half-circle piece of fabric with your rectangle of fabric, and cut slits in the rectangle fabric, on the top, in the same places as the half-circle fabric’s slits.  You will want to pin the rectangle fabric like you did with the half-circle.  Then unpin, and overlap the two fabric pieces.

Step 9:

cape tutorial 013

Now that your pieces are overlapped, take your ribbon and weave it through the slits, as shown above.

Step 10:

cape tutorial 014

Take the two ends of the ribbon and scoot the fabric towards the middle, but not too close.

Step 11:

cape tutorial 015

Once you have gathered to your preference, knot the ends to keep it in place.


cape tutorial 016

Round the bottom of the cape a bit more, or leave it to trail behind the doll. (For an Elsa cape.)

cape tutorial 017

And you’re done!  I later did some simple decorative stitching on the borders, but you can leave it plain.

cape tutorial 018

My ribbon was a bit on the wee side, but you could always change it out!

cape tutorial 020

This pic shows the train.  This is longer than the one in the film.

cape tutorial 019

If you want to make a matching cape for yourself, go to for their tutorial!

Did you like the tutorial?  Did you make a cape?  Tell us in the comments!