Tutu Triplets

6-1-17 016.JPGHello!  Happy June!

Yesterday, I realized that I have never taken photos with all of my dolls before, at least since I got Addy.  So, here are my three dolls: Nellie, Julia, and Addy.  (BTW… they’re not triplets, I just liked the alliteration for the title.)

6-1-17 023

6-1-17 025

I just ❤ the coconut cutie outfit!!!  I got it as a PWP, I think.  I’m making it Julia’s “meet” outfit.  It is really well-made, and soft.  It comes with a shirt, tutu skirt, shoes, and two plastic bow clips, which I didn’t put in her hair for these pics.

6-1-17 028

6-1-17 038.JPG

6-1-17 047

6-1-17 048Do you see me?  😀

6-1-17 0556-1-17 056

6-1-17 018

Whose outfit do you like best?

❤ , IrishAG


Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Hey everyone!  Happy heart day!  I hope your day is full of family, fun and treats!

To celebrate, I dressed up some of the dolls as… (guess!)











Have you guessed yet?









Brynn, Noa and Elana from AG Life!  (Saige as Brynn, Elizabeth the 1st as Noa, and Josefina as Elana.)  In a recent episode, they made popcorn.  And we had 4 doll popcorns from the Lea movie event, so it was perfect!

Grace Thomas, being the baker that she is, had to get in on the fun, too!  She made tarts for Valentine’s day.3-17-16 010.JPGHere’s a shot from “her kitchen”.   🙂


How did you celebrate Valentine’s day?

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Festive Fun – By IrishAG

 It was the day after Christmas in Williamsburg.

Felicity Merriman had celebrated with her family the day before, and since she was old enough, was allowed to stay up later than her little siblings: Nan, William and Polly.  Which was why she was still asleep when Rose came to help her dress.

“Miss Felicity?  Sorry to wake you child, but it’s time.”


Felicity groaned as she sat up, tossing the sheets off.  “Good morning, Rose,” she said, slightly slurred.

Rose chuckled.  “Good morning, yourself.  If you don’t come on out of that bed, I’m going to have to tell your parents that you have to go to bed with your siblings next year.”

That woke Felicity up.  Rose had gotten out Felicity’s favorite lavender and white striped dress for her to wear today.

12-26-16-013Felicity hated the feeling of being stuck in her dress before it was properly put on, with her arms glued to her sides.

12-26-16-014As soon as the dress was laced on, Rose excused herself to go help Mrs. Merriman.  Felicity turned the other way, and-

12-26-16-015  “AAAaaaahhh!”  she screamed, at feeling a hand on her back.

She heard giggles that were surprisingly familiar behind her.  She whirled around.

12-26-16-016“Elizabeth!!!”  Felicity scolded her best friend, “You frightened me!”

Contrary to her tone of voice, Felicity crushed Elizabeth in a hug.

“That was the idea,” said Elizabeth, muffled by Felicity’s hair, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you, too.” replied Felicity, stepping away, “You must have included Rose in this surprise, too.  You came in when she left, didn’t you?”

Elizabeth’s twinkly eyes gave it all away.12-26-16-017

“And here’s your present.  I’m sorry it isn’t wrapped,” said Elizabeth.

Felicity gasped. “It matches your dress!”

“I’ll help you put it on.” promised Elizabeth.


A few minutes later, Felicity modeled for Elizabeth.


“Yes, I look just like you.  If you had red hair and green eyes,” said Felicity dryly, making Elizabeth laugh.


“Here’s your gift.  It’s not wrapped, either.”  Felicity continued, revealing a sugar bowl.

“I love it!  I’ll bring it to lessons with Miss Manderly,” said Elizabeth.

12-26-16-035“We can wear our dresses, too!” said Felicity, getting excited, “That will make lessons more fun.”

Elizabeth dropped a proper curtsy, and Felicity did the same, grinning.

“Where are the merriest girls in Virginia?”  Mr. Merriman called up the steps, “Breakfast is served.”

“He’s part of this too?”  Felicity asked, amazed at her friend’s sneakiness.

“Perhaps,” said Elizabeth, linking arms with Felicity, “But first things first.  I’ve been listening to your stomach gurgle for a while now, let’s have breakfast!”

The girls smiled all the way to the dining room.


Hey guys!  Two posts in one day!  🙂

December was just a whirlwind, am I right?  Decorations, parties, baking,…


Eating chocolate covered peppermint oreos, painting nails sparkly,…

Anyway, how was your Christmas?  Did you travel or stay home?  Play in the snow?

I hope you all had the best Christmas EVER, and that the new year brings lots of good things!  😀

❤ , IrishAG

Review: Addy Walker Doll & Accessories – By IrishAG

Hi readers!  Happy Memorial Day!  I haven’t posted in a while, because I had an Irish Step performance a few days ago, and a parade today!  😀  They were both awesome.  XD

Aaaaaand… guess what?!?  I hit 40 WordPress followers yesterday!  Woo-hoo!  Thanks guys.  I can’t believe it!  You guys make me feel so special.  🙂  I love all your sweet comments.  I haven’t gotten a mean one yet!  Okay, on to the review.  😀

Addy Review 001

As you probably know, I bought the lovely Addy Walker doll and accessories.  I was super freaked out at the store, wondering if I should buy Addy or Maryellen.  At one point, I was circling around a display that had both of them on it.  😀  True story.  I decided on Addy for a couple of reasons (some are listed here):

  • I love her stories.
  • Her time period is cool.
  • We didn’t  have any black dolls at the time, so adding diversity seemed like a good idea.  🙂
  • I LOVE her meet outfit.  Seriously.
  • My other two dolls have short-ish hair.


Today I’m going to be reviewing her and her accessories.  🙂

Let’s start at the bottom for a change!  😀

Addy Review 002.JPG

Her boots are adorable.  The little “buttons” don’t actually button, but that’s okay because they are super small.  And they look like chocolate chips.  The boots have little heels on them, which makes it difficult to stand her up in the grass or uneven ground.  :p  The boots have Velcro on the back, but they are challenging to put on over her socks.  Her socks are white and almost knee-length.  I don’t have much to say about them.

Addy Review 003

Her drawers are white and lace trimmed.  They are a nice historical touch.

Addy Review 004

Her DRESS!  XD  I wish it came in my size!  It is a gorgeous shade of blue.  I think it’s close to Royal blue.  It has a small pattern on it.  There are also black bows and piping.  It has cap sleeves, which is really cute.

Addy Review 005

Now to her face!  Addy has the “Addy” face mold (go figure), and she is our only doll that has it.  Her skin is this beautiful cocoa brown with a reddish undertone.  She has warm, chocolate brown eyes and feathered eyebrows.  At the store, all of the display Addys I saw had line eyebrows, but all the Addys in boxes had feathered ones.  Weird, right?  I personally prefer the feathered.  Addy has permanent hoop earrings.  I wish they came out, but it’s not a big deal.  My Mom is happy because they can’t get lost.  😉

Addy Review 006.JPGAddy Review 007.JPG

Addy’s hair is black, textured and a bit wavy when you take it out of the braids.  She came with two French braids tied together with blue bows, but I redid her hair.  I was a bit worried when I bought her that her hair would be tough to work with.  Actually, it’s not a problem!  You can just brush her hair with a regular doll hairbrush.  The coarseness isn’t a problem at all, either.  🙂   She does have lots of flyaways, and her hair is longer on the sides than the middle.   AG never has any pictures of Addy with her hair down, which is kind of annoying if you’re thinking of buying her.  Her hair is REALLY LONG, as you can see.

American Girl Finding Freedom: An Addy Classic 1

Picture from AG’s website.

She comes with this book. I haven’t read it yet, (since I’ve read her old books) but I like the cover art.  I wish the AG books still had illustrations.  😦

Now to her accessories!

Addy Review 012

There are three pieces: a bonnet, a cowrie shell necklace and a patchwork bag.  The bonnet is definitely my favorite!  It frames Addy’s face so sweetly.  The ribbon is sewn on very securely, which I’m grateful for.  The necklace is on a plain black cord, and is very significant in her stories.  The bag looks like it’s patchwork, but it’s actually one piece of fabric.  The interior of the bag is the same fabric as Addy’s dress, so if you wanted to have her dress match her bag, you could.  You’d just need to cut off the tag, if you cared.  The bag is a bit small.

I’ve heard that she might be retiring, with Melody coming out this Summer.  😦  If you don’t want her to be retired, ask your parent if you can go to this website to help “save” herhttps://www.change.org/p/katy-dickson-do-not-retire-addy-walker     They’re halfway there!  I think Addy’s time period, 1864, is very important for American girls today to know about.

So there you go!  I would definitely recommend her.  The only thing I don’t like is that her earrings don’t come out, but that’s not a big problem.  😀

Do you have Addy Walker?  What do you like and/or dislike about her?

❤ , IrishAG

Sisters and Surprises: a Photostory – By IrishAG

Meet Addy 001

It was a perfect May afternoon.  Felicity was picking flowers, whistling softly.  It was her favorite time of day, though flower picking was a bit too girly for her.


Felicity whirled around.

Meet Addy 004

She saw a girl about her age, with dark hair, eyes and skin.  The girl’s outfit was really outdated, like something someone in the Gettysburg movie would’ve worn.  She had a bonnet, which was tied under her chin with a ribbon.  She wore a shell necklace, and carried a patchwork bag.  Her gold hoop earrings glinted in the sunlight.

Meet Addy 005

“Hello?”  the girl said again, louder this time.

Felicity realized that she’d been staring all this time, with her mouth wide open.  “Um, hi.”  Lame, she thought, Seriously, Felicity?

The girl smiled shyly.  “My name’s Addy.”

“I’m Felicity.”

We stared at each other.  Addy cleared her throat.  “I’m here to find my new home.  Would you happen to know…”  Another sister?  Felicity thought hopefully.

“…where 527 Pumpernickel Lane is?”

Meet Addy 009.JPG

“I knew it!”  Felicity cheered.  Addy looked at her quizzically, but Felicity just grabbed her hand and dragged her to the house.

* 10 minutes later *

Meet Addy 014

“All right everyone, we’ve got a new sister!”  Felicity exclaimed.

“Yay!”  “Really?”  “We just got Grace!”  “What’s her name?”  “Cool!”  the sisters exclaimed.

“Addy?”  Felicity prompted.

Meet Addy 018

Addy made her way to the front of the room, smiling less shyly now.

“Hello everyone.  My name is Addy Walker.  I’m a historical reenactress, hence the outfit.  I was adopted in Chicago.  I love baking, and ice cream is my favorite food.  My birthday is May 10th.”

Meet Addy 020.JPG

“Who adopted you?”  Julia asked.

“IrishAG?”  Addy said it like a question.

Meet Addy 022.JPG

“All right!”  Julia clapped her hands and ran to give Addy a hug.  Nellie went up cautiously after her.

Meet Addy 023.JPG

Coconut bounded up with Julia, and Addy gasped.

Meet Addy 024.JPG

“I’m really afraid of dogs!”  she whispered to Felicity.

“Don’t worry, Coco won’t hurt you.  You can pet her, if you want.”  Felicity encouraged.

Meet Addy 025.JPG

Addy slowly sat down and touched Coconut’s fur.  A big smile dawned on her face.


Surprise!  Yes, I bought Addy when we went to AG Place Chicago on May 10th!  I was really debating if I should get Maryellen or Addy.  Eventually, I chose Addy because she is very different from the rest of our dolls.  Plus, I love her time period and story.  I hadn’t gotten a doll since Julia in 2011, so this was really exciting.  😀  I’ll do a review of Addy soon!

And… this photostory was supposed to feature Felicity, as you voted, so sorry if she got a bit overshadowed by Addy.

One last thing!  I finally figured out how to do waterfall braids!  (That’s what Felicity’s hairstyle is called.)

Do your dolls have middle names?

❤ , IrishAG

A Doll Poll! (Ended)

Hey guys!

I’ve been making changes to the blog design, and I switched the theme.  I liked the last theme, but there was something about it that I wanted to change.  I’ll probably make a few more tweaks to this one.  What do you think?

Now for the poll.  I’m just curious who and what you want to see.  😀

❤ , IrishAG

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! – By IrishAG

Hey guys!  Happy (late) Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays.  XD

I’m thankful for all you guys!  You are awesome and I really appreciate your comments, likes, and follows.  Our dolls are thankful for their new sister, Grace, and Grace is thankful for a home!

Black Friday Weekend Deals. Up to 30% off** select favorites through Monday20% off full-priced merchandise* only through Dec 12. Enter GIFT20 at checkout.

American Girl is having a Black Friday sale and 20% off full-priced merchandise.

How was your Thanksgiving?




A Snowy Surprise – By IrishAG

 (From Nellie’s POV)

11-24-15 060

I am an early bird, so as usual, I woke up at 6 am.  I looked out the window.  Snow!  I love snow!  I did a little happy dance and woke up Kirsten.

11-24-15 062

  “Whazz gowin onnn,” she mumbled.

11-24-15 063.JPG

I hopped onto her.  “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

11-24-15 064.JPG

Her eyes snapped open.  If anyone loves snow more than me, that’d be Kirsten.

As quietly as we could, we got dressed and bundled up to go out.  Felicity and Julia were woken up by us and insisted on coming too.

11-24-15 065.JPG11-24-15 066

Kirsten and I started making snow angels with Felicity, while Julia ran around with Coconut.

11-24-15 068.JPG

“Who wants hot cocoa?”  Kirsten asked a bit later.

“Me!” Felicity and Julia said in unison.

“You go ahead, I’ll be right there.”  I wanted to spend a little more time outside.

11-24-15 071.JPG

I heard the sound of a car motor.  That’s odd.  Nobody drives at this hour around here.  I craned my neck to see which neighbor it was.  It was, to my shock, a brightly colored bus!  And it stopped in front of our house!

11-24-15 072.JPG

“Thank you,” I heard a girl’s voice say.

I watched as a girl a little younger than me stepped out of the bus and looked about.  She had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles.  She looked nervous.

(From Grace’s POV)

11-24-15 073.JPG

I looked around out of the bus.  The neighborhood was ‘of the middling sort’.  No time like the present, Grace. I reminded myself.  But before I could pick up my bag, I saw a girl running towards me.

11-24-15 074.JPG

“Hi!  I’m Nellie O’Malley, and I’m so happy you came!  Oh my goodness, are you a new neighbor?”

11-24-15 075

Her questions and exclamations all tumbled out so fast, I couldn’t keep up.  “Well, um-“

“Oh, silly me!  Would you like some directions?  What adress are you looking for?”  Nellie asked.

11-24-15 077.JPG

I unfolded my paper.  “Number 365.  I-“

“That’s MY HOUSE!  Come on, I’ll show you!”

11-24-15 079.JPG

  Nellie practically dragged me across the yard and into the house.

11-24-15 080.JPG

“GUYS!!!  We have a visitor!”  she yelled.

11-24-15 082

 All the girls rushed to see.  They all told me their names, then asked me to share a bit about myself.

11-24-15 084

“My name is Grace Thomas and I love baking.  French desserts are my fave!  My friends and I had a little baking buisness.  I used to live at the AGP Orphanage in Chicago.  I’m excited to be adopted!  The Orphanage was an okay place, but I didn’t want to live there forever.”

11-24-15 085

“Come on,” the girl with brown hair (I think her name was Julia) said,”We can unpack your bag and figure out sleeping arrangements.  I think you get your own bed!”

11-24-15 087

“Wait!” one of the twins said,”Who adopted you?”

I checked my paper again.  “Curious George Fan?”

The twins and Kirsten squealed.  “Another sister!”

11-24-15 089

“Let’s go,” Julia said,”We have a lot of work to do!”

~The End~

Curiousgeorgefan received Grace!  She is SO beautiful and I will do a review of her very soon!  Did you like the story? 


Cousin Fun: Part 3 By IrishAG

Can you handle more cousin fun?  XD

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 061

Our cousin’s one-room schoolhouse.  Dosen’t Kirsten look adorable in bun buns?

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 071

Looking for the perfect pumpkin…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 072

Kaya: This one’s mine!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 066coffee and cousins 10-19-15 067

Family photos.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 068

Coconut’s running away!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 075

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 073

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 076

Caroline: I got him!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 052

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 053

A little spotlight on Kaya.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 051coffee and cousins 10-19-15 049

Saying goodbye.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 090

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 115

The second we got home, Julia fell asleep.

That concludes cousin fun for now!  Another sleepover is in the works, and you know what that means…



Cousin Fun: Part 2- Caroline and Julia in Fall By IrishAG and Frozenlover626

To Continue Our Thrilling Cousin Fun…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 064

First off, Caroline is a GORGEOUS doll.  I would get her if we didn’t already have 3 blonde blue eyed dolls. 🙂  This is not the best picture of her, better ones are below…

Now for the pics!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 077

Our cousins have a lamp post in their yard!  How awesome is that?

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 078

Bird’s-eye view.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 079coffee and cousins 10-19-15 088

This rock is perfect for AG dolls.

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 082

Caroline: Let’s play hide-and-seek!

Julia: Okay…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 084

C: 1,2,3,4…

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 085

Coconut: Woof!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 087

Julia: Ssssh!

Caroline: Found you!

Julia: Let’s go to the playset!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 093

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 095

All: Wheee!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 098

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 103

And these next two pics were staged by Frozenlover626!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 101coffee and cousins 10-19-15 100

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 099

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 092

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 107

The stone table!

coffee and cousins 10-19-15 106

coffee and cousins  10-19-15 091


coffee and cousins 10-19-15 111

I ❤ this pic!

Thanks, Frozenlover626!