Williamsburg Morning – a Photo Shoot

colonial grace 006.JPGGuten tag!

So, right now I’m experimenting with different lighting.  Usually I take my photos in the late morning or early afternoon, but for this photoshoot, I took it in the 7am hour!

I don’t think it’s my favorite kind of lighting, but maybe if I was a little more experienced…

colonial grace 008

colonial grace 017

colonial grace 020

I simply LOVE Felicity’s Beforever dress!  The colors compliment each other beautifully, and it is such good quality.  🙂

colonial grace 021

colonial grace 022

What is your favorite lighting for photos?

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Monkey dress!

Hello reader!  🙂

Sewing/making things for your dolls is so much more fun than buying them, in my opinion.(Most of the time.)  🙂  I went to a doll sewing class, where we made these cute pillowcase dresses!  I made a purple one, (which you might’ve seen in the Happy Birthday Addy! post) and this one Grace is wearing:

5-24-17 002

Look at the little monkeys!  They’re eating watermelon and strawberries.    😀

5-24-17 012

5-24-17 031

5-24-17 019

5-24-17 020

5-24-17 023

Don’t these irises look like popcorn?  That’s what I always think of when I see them.  🙂

5-24-17 025

Grace is just so photogenic!  It probably helps that she has the Josefina face mold, which usually looks gentle and peaceful.

Strawberries or watermelon?  😀

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Hey everyone!  Happy heart day!  I hope your day is full of family, fun and treats!

To celebrate, I dressed up some of the dolls as… (guess!)











Have you guessed yet?









Brynn, Noa and Elana from AG Life!  (Saige as Brynn, Elizabeth the 1st as Noa, and Josefina as Elana.)  In a recent episode, they made popcorn.  And we had 4 doll popcorns from the Lea movie event, so it was perfect!

Grace Thomas, being the baker that she is, had to get in on the fun, too!  She made tarts for Valentine’s day.3-17-16 010.JPGHere’s a shot from “her kitchen”.   🙂


How did you celebrate Valentine’s day?

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I Am the Winter Princess


I am the Winter Princess

10-14-16 004.JPG

I bring ice and snow


Cold winds blow


Adults flee from my icy touch

children run to feel it

To catch a snowflake,

light as a whisper

on their tongues

I am the Winter Princess

I am danger and frostbite

I freeze the ponds and lakes

I bury the towns in snow

10-13-16 050.JPG

I cover flowers


I am swift and terrible



I am the Winter Princess

10-14-16 018.JPG

I am dazzling, pristine beauty


Like a diamond

or a crystal chandelier

my icicles sparkle

My wind swirls

glittering snowflakes


I am Autumn’s foe

10-13-16 009.JPG

Spring’s herald

10-13-16 019.JPG

I am the Winter princess


I froze my fingers off at 8:30AM to take photos with the frost!  The things we do for doll blogging.   XD

This poem-shoot (or whatever you call it  🙂  ) is for the character from my photo story Crystals, Wynter.  It’s been in the works for 4 months, so here you go.   😀

This post is a little different from my usual, a photo shoot telling a poem’s story.  Thoughts and opinions would be very appreciated.  🙂

Happy Groundhog day!

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Crystals – Part 1


11-24-15 027

Lady/Princess Wynter – Grace

10-15-15 024

Cherry Blossom (flower elf) – Julia

10-15-15 016

Rinna Clearwater (water elf) – Elizabeth the 2nd

Part 1

     It was a lovely Fall day in Elfwyld when the Ladies gathered.  Flame colored leaves carpeted the ground, and squirrels were busy hiding their nuts.  The mysterious and elusive Queen Elaina of the Four Seasons had summoned the Ladies Fleurette, Sommar, Autumn and Wynter to the yearly council.  The first part of the council would be the formal recognition of the Ladies becoming Princesses of their respective seasons.  The second part would be what most of the councils were: discussing how long and dramatic each season would be, among other things.  Queen Elaina was invisibly there, few knew how.  In her stead, the gnome Eegrek would preside.

 11-9-16 012.JPG

Hidden behind a large urn, the two young elves Cherry Blossom (a flower elf) and Rinna Clearwater (a water elf) were waiting intently for the Ladies.  Actually, Rinna was waiting, and she had dragged Cherry Blossom along.  “I don’t even want to see those ladies in all their frippery and finery.” grumbled Cherry.  “Oh shush.  You’re just better at containing your excitement.” Rinna countered, not bothering to look back at Cherry.  Cherry muttered, “Look, there’s Posie.”  She pointed to a dark haired elf who was walking by.


“You’ll give away our hiding spot!” Rinna scolded, “If we want to see anything, we have to stay out of earshot.  Most people would love to have two errand-runners.  And I am so curious!”  Cherry quieted.


     11-9-16 021.JPG

     Lady Wynter stared out of her carriage.  Today she’d take her mother’s place as the Winter Princess.  She closed her eyes, remembering their last talk, right before her parents were called away on a mission far off in their land.

“Mother?  Something strange happened.”

“What is it?”

“Ice and snow keep coming and floating around me.  I can move the it, just by thinking about it!”

“This is such good news!  Teri, you have inherited my powers.  You will be the next Winter Princess.”

“But that’s your job!”

“It’s natural, little crystal.  When another elf gains season powers, that’s a signal to the current Prince/Princess that he/she needs to step down.  It’s been this way for centuries, a part of our Oath.  One day, you’ll step down and let another gifted elf take your place.”

11-9-16 027.JPG

     Wynter fought the childish tears of disappointment that welled behind her eyes.  Her parents had promised to come, but wouldn’t be able to until at least tomorrow.  They wouldn’t see her become a Princess.  She straightened.  Now, she had to carry on her Mother’s job.

“Lady Wynter?  We’re here.”


Hey everybody!

So, I’m starting a photo story series!  Do you recognize Rinna and Cherry?  🙂

What do you think of this first part?  Maybe it wasn’t too interesting, with all the details.  Feedback would be appreciated!

❤ , IrishAG


Crystals – Prologue


     Once upon a time, in a faraway land known by a dark name, there lived an evil winged goblin.  So evil, his name was a curse unspoken.  He made a wicked mirror, which reflected everything good and made it shrink to obscurity, and made everything bad magnify.  He and his like-minded friends delighted in the mirror, using it constantly.  One fateful day, two young goblins argued over it, causing it to fall, breaking into uncountable shards on the ground below.

     Now these shards were sharp and cruel, able to pass through portals into many realms.  They could pierce through nearly anything.  If it flew into an eye, that eye was only able to see things as the mirror saw them: distorted and ugly.  The worst it could do though, was pierce a heart.  For then that heart would grow to feel cold and ruthless to others, and freeze.


So it happened to a young, innocent girl.  The daughter of a Princess, making her a Lady, Lady Wynter.  Once, little Wynter was outside on her beloved balcony, drinking in the crisp morning.  She was about to go on a journey to the Fall Kingdom, to be crowned Princess of Winter, taking her mother’s place.  A shard flew on the cold breeze, striking Wynter’s heart.  All of a sudden, she felt frozen.  A second later, she felt as before.  But not quite, because the shard was starting to slowly freeze her heart.


Hey guys!

So I’m starting a photo story series, based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.  It’s going to have almost all of our dolls in it, if not all.  More parts are in the making!

What do you think?

❤ , IrishAG

Christmas! – By IrishAG

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope yours is great!  Ours is going well.  🙂 

I haven’t done a photoshoot in a long time!  Grace and Julia were all dressed up, I couldn’t resist!  XD12-14-15 037

12-14-15 032

Guess who’s excited for Christmas!

12-14-15 035

12-14-15 034

12-14-15 038.JPG

12-14-15 036

12-14-15 039

Doll feet!

12-14-15 028

12-14-15 029

Bright light!

12-14-15 041

May your days be merry and bright!

12-14-15 027

A fun edit.

That’s it!  There aren’t so many photos of Grace because Curiousgeorgefan wanted to play with her during the photoshoot.  🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?


In The Mix With Grace Says Bye! – By IrishAG

Farewell, Grace Thomas.

Picture from AG’s website.

Hi guys!  So, as you might have known, American Girl has a thing on their website called in the mix with Grace.  It’s a “blog” that “Grace” posts on every Tuesday.  Today they put up the last post.  😦  I enjoyed it, and I’m sad it’s over.  I read every post.  Maybe Lea will have something similar!  🙂

Do you like In The Mix With Grace?


Grace’s Collection: My Opinion By IrishAG

Hey guys!  I know this is a little late, with Grace being released in January, so sorry about that.  All pics are from American Girl’s website.

No Image

The Grace doll is super cute!  I love her!  The shirt is very touristy, but looks like something an American girl might wear!  I love, love, love her boots!  The bracelet is really cute.

No Image

Bonbon looks like a stuffed animal to me.  Which is fine, but I wouldn’t pay $22 for her.

No Image

Accessories:  I like the macarons, but not the other stuff.  Okay, maybe the beret.   🙂

 No Image

Sightseeing outfit and Accessories:  This outfit is ADORBS!  The sunglasses look pretty cheap to me for AG.  I love the boots and shrug!  (Boots, shrug, and glasses sold in a seperate set from the outfit.)

No Image

Love the hair bow, (Get it?  A bow made out of hair?) and the other bow, but I don’t want this set.

No ImageNo Image

 “Inspired by” fashions!  I like the bow one, but why is it $2 more than the puppy one?  Blue shirt: $28  Puppy shirt: $26

No Image

Pastry Cart:  In my dreams… Love it!!!!

No Image

Opening Night Outfit:  Cute!  Love the headband!  Reminds me of the Kentucky Derby!

No Image

Pajamas:  Love!  So sweet, and blue looks so good on her!

No Image

City Outfit: Curiousgeorgefan wants this!  I think it’s super cute, too.

No Image

Paris Accessories:  So cute!  The bag is the best!

No Image

Baking Outfit:  On my Christmas list.  I seriously love everything about this!

No Image

Travel Coat:  Squeee!  So French!

No Image

Travel Set:  Love the suitcase!

No Image

Bistro Set:  So pretty!  Did you see the Eiffel Tower on the back of the seat?

No Image

Baking Set: Like this too!  Grace is so techie; look at her iPad!

No ImageNo ImageNo ImageNo Image

Travel Case, Jewelry Keeper, Stationary Set, and Phone Wristlet for Girls:  Like it all, but the jewelry keeper is so small.  Maybe for doll earrings…

No Image

Patisserie:  I know it’s sold out, but I just love looking at it.  $500 is just too much.  😦

No Image

I’m not posting any of the other Williams- Sonoma sets,  but Grace just looked so cute, I couldn’t resist.  I could totally make this, though.

Voila!  Grace is my fave GOTY, she’s so stinkin’ cute!  Your thoughts?


Grace vs. Julia – By IrishAG

Here’s the review of Grace!

11-24-15 027

  She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!  Her freckle pattern is different than any other dolls.

11-24-15 026

The back view… from here you can really see her gorgeous hair.  It’s longer than her waist and is really fun to play with!  🙂

11-24-15 02811-24-15 030

The shirt says “Paris I love you” in French.  The pink stripes are glittery.  On th right sleeve there is the Grace tag.  This is a very versatile piece.

11-24-15 029

The skirt is pink with a black bow.  It’s really cute, but very short.  You could always put some leggings underneath.

11-24-15 031

The boots are so versatile and cute!  The bows are attatched to a strip of fabric that sometimes flips up, but besides that, no problems.

11-24-15 034

(Sorry for the blurry pic.)  Her eyes are deep blue, and her eyebrows are feathered.  We didn’t get her ears pierced.

11-24-15 046

There’s a small section of her bang that’s floppy.  It can easily be brushed to the side, though.

11-24-15 05311-24-15 057.JPG

Grace comes with a charm bracelet and her first book.  (Nellie is modeling the bracelet.)

11-24-15 032

Now I’m going to compare Julia (Just Like You #23) and Grace.  When Grace came out, I thought she was Julia’s twin.  As the photo shows, this is not the case.

11-24-15 035

First, hair.  Julia’s is shorter and blonder.  She also has no bangs.

11-24-15 036

Their skin tones are totally different.  Grace has very light skin.

11-24-15 042

Their face molds are different.  Julia has the classic, and Grace has the Josefina.

11-24-15 041

Here you can really see the difference.

Now for a few bonus pics!

11-24-15 04311-24-15 04411-24-15 045

I rate Grace 5 out of 5 stars!  The only things I don’t like are the short skirt and floppy bang.

What do you think of Grace?