Elizabeth’s Ensemble

Yeah… I had a hard time naming this one.  😉

Hello readers!  Happy December!  I’m so ready for Christmas… so here’s a photo shoot of Elizabeth the 1st in a holiday outfit.  🙂

(Omigosh I just realized I’ve never taken a photo shoot of her!!!!)


11-27-17 027

11-27-17 034

11-27-17 035

11-27-17 040

11-27-17 046

11-27-17 048

Artsy angle shot… why not?

11-27-17 057

What’s she wearing?

  • Jumper and blouse from my Grandma (old AG)
  • Hat from Elizabeth’s riding outfit
  • Tights from somewhere…
  • Felicity’s black meet shoes

Posts have not been priorities lately… sorry about that.  My goal is 3 posts a month, but I also want to provide quality content, you know?  And where I live, the scenery’s pretty bleak for photos from November to April.  Maybe I’ll get some practice with inside photos!

❤ , IrishAG


May the 4th Be With You 2017- Star Wars Inspired Oufit


To celebrate, Julia, (my crazy SW fan) dressed up in a Star Wars inspired outfit.

Can you guess who?




5-4-17 007.JPGIf you guessed Princess Leia Organa/Skywalker/Solo, you’re right!  And Bagpipe99 made BB-8 for me last year, so he tagged along as well.

What is she wearing?

– colonial shift from Felicity’s meet outfit #2 (I think)

– a silver belt of mine

– tutu from Grace’s Sightseeing outfit

– boots from Grace’s meet outfit

5-4-17 013

5-4-17 021


Did you celebrate Star Wars Day?  Do any of your dolls like Star Wars?

❤ , IrishAG


Festive Fun – By IrishAG

 It was the day after Christmas in Williamsburg.

Felicity Merriman had celebrated with her family the day before, and since she was old enough, was allowed to stay up later than her little siblings: Nan, William and Polly.  Which was why she was still asleep when Rose came to help her dress.

“Miss Felicity?  Sorry to wake you child, but it’s time.”


Felicity groaned as she sat up, tossing the sheets off.  “Good morning, Rose,” she said, slightly slurred.

Rose chuckled.  “Good morning, yourself.  If you don’t come on out of that bed, I’m going to have to tell your parents that you have to go to bed with your siblings next year.”

That woke Felicity up.  Rose had gotten out Felicity’s favorite lavender and white striped dress for her to wear today.

12-26-16-013Felicity hated the feeling of being stuck in her dress before it was properly put on, with her arms glued to her sides.

12-26-16-014As soon as the dress was laced on, Rose excused herself to go help Mrs. Merriman.  Felicity turned the other way, and-

12-26-16-015  “AAAaaaahhh!”  she screamed, at feeling a hand on her back.

She heard giggles that were surprisingly familiar behind her.  She whirled around.

12-26-16-016“Elizabeth!!!”  Felicity scolded her best friend, “You frightened me!”

Contrary to her tone of voice, Felicity crushed Elizabeth in a hug.

“That was the idea,” said Elizabeth, muffled by Felicity’s hair, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you, too.” replied Felicity, stepping away, “You must have included Rose in this surprise, too.  You came in when she left, didn’t you?”

Elizabeth’s twinkly eyes gave it all away.12-26-16-017

“And here’s your present.  I’m sorry it isn’t wrapped,” said Elizabeth.

Felicity gasped. “It matches your dress!”

“I’ll help you put it on.” promised Elizabeth.


A few minutes later, Felicity modeled for Elizabeth.


“Yes, I look just like you.  If you had red hair and green eyes,” said Felicity dryly, making Elizabeth laugh.


“Here’s your gift.  It’s not wrapped, either.”  Felicity continued, revealing a sugar bowl.

“I love it!  I’ll bring it to lessons with Miss Manderly,” said Elizabeth.

12-26-16-035“We can wear our dresses, too!” said Felicity, getting excited, “That will make lessons more fun.”

Elizabeth dropped a proper curtsy, and Felicity did the same, grinning.

“Where are the merriest girls in Virginia?”  Mr. Merriman called up the steps, “Breakfast is served.”

“He’s part of this too?”  Felicity asked, amazed at her friend’s sneakiness.

“Perhaps,” said Elizabeth, linking arms with Felicity, “But first things first.  I’ve been listening to your stomach gurgle for a while now, let’s have breakfast!”

The girls smiled all the way to the dining room.


Hey guys!  Two posts in one day!  🙂

December was just a whirlwind, am I right?  Decorations, parties, baking,…


Eating chocolate covered peppermint oreos, painting nails sparkly,…

Anyway, how was your Christmas?  Did you travel or stay home?  Play in the snow?

I hope you all had the best Christmas EVER, and that the new year brings lots of good things!  😀

❤ , IrishAG

AG Holiday Catalogue Pics 2015 – By IrishAG

A few weeks ago, we got the AG 2015 Holiday Catalogue.  I didn’t take photos of the whole thing, just stuff I really liked.

10-29-15 056

This is the cover splayed on a table.

10-29-15 026

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!  I LOVE Maryellen in that dress!  Grace and Addy are cute, too.  A 14 year old named Valerie took this photo.  I love the little treats!

10-29-15 02810-29-15 027

Truly Me and Julia.

10-29-15 029

Holiday Shopping!

10-29-15 030

Let it GOOO!!!

10-29-15 031

My personal fave.  The AG dolls are opening up mini AG dolls!

10-29-15 032


10-29-15 033

Funny, don’t all AG fans mix and match their wardrobes???

10-29-15 03410-29-15 05910-29-15 058

Dress like your doll.  I love the far left photo, the girl looks so cute!

10-29-15 03610-29-15 037


10-29-15 038

The beautiful Pattisserie.

10-29-15 03910-29-15 04010-29-15 041

Ava C.= CUTE!!! Look at her little face!  🙂

Onto Beforever!

10-29-15 04210-29-15 043

10-29-15 04510-29-15 04610-29-15 04710-29-15 052

I don’t really like Rebecca, but her new outfit is so cute!

10-29-15 053

Love Kaya’s red dress!

10-29-15 05110-29-15 048

AG put together rooms with combos of all the collections.  My fave is the photo on the right.

10-29-15 054

At first I thought this was a real girl, but then I saw the stitching on her neck!  🙂

10-29-15 06010-29-15 061

Yep.  Totally agree with that quote.

10-29-15 055

I don’t even like Bitty Baby, but that little girl is too cute to pass up!

~The End~

Whew, that was long!  Do you like the Holiday Catalogue?