My May Trip to AG Place Chicago! – By IrishAG


Yesterday, my Mom and I went to AG Place Chicago!  It was awesome.  I took some pictures, but they aren’t very good quality.  🙂

I’m going to start from the 2nd floor.  (GOTY, Truly Me, avenue AG.)

5-11-16 037

Love the faux flowers!  One of the reasons we went was to see Lea in person.  In some pictures she looked cute, in others she looked mean.  When I saw her in person, she wasn’t my cup of tea.

5-11-16 0345-11-16 035

I love her celebration dress, though!

5-11-16 0335-11-16 031

All the old GOTYs.  This is actually one of my favorite parts of the store!  😀

5-11-16 050

I love this!  Julia is in the soccer outfit.  🙂

5-11-16 049She’s so cute in pigtails and that outfit!  XD

5-11-16 047

Her hair is perfect!  o_O  And that doll is really pretty.

5-11-16 0465-11-16 0445-11-16 0425-11-16 061

5-11-16 043#47 is beautiful in the Jazz dress!

5-11-16 0115-11-16 009

The cute pet scene.  I LOVE the way they braided Julia’s hair.  🙂

5-11-16 0065-11-16 0035-11-16 002

Avenue AG has been changed from Paris and Grace’s treats to Brazil and Lea’s treats.  The cupcakes were adorable.  😀

Now to the 1st floor!  (Historical, GOTY, library.)

5-11-16 0195-11-16 0215-11-16 023

Josefina’s beautiful collection.  🙂  Her Holiday outfit was on sale for $19.  I wonder if she’ll be retired when Melody comes out.  😦

5-11-16 018

All the Beforever characters.

5-11-16 022

Samantha’s collection.

5-11-16 024

This was in the middle of Samantha’s section.  A lot of the Beforever characters were mixed like this, which I thought was weird.

5-11-16 027Tatlo, Kaya’s dog, in her interactive section.  When I saw this, I freaked out because I thought it was real.  🙂

5-11-16 028Love Addy’s hat!

5-11-16 025

Maryellen’s adorable diner!

5-11-16 026I had to take a photo of Maryellen’s perfect curl.  😀

5-11-16 054

My Mom and I also went to Amorino, a gelato place.  If you get a cone there, they will make the gelato into a flower!  The brown one is mine, and the pink one is my Mom’s.  🙂

5-11-16 055


So that was our trip!  Reviews of our purchases coming soon.  😉

Have you ever gone to an AG Place?

❤ , IrishAG



Review: Maryellen’s Birthday Dress – By IrishAG

No Image

(Picture from AG’s website.)

Hi girls!  I recieved Maryellen’s Birthday Dress for an early Christmas present, and Julia will be modeling it.

12-14-15 031

It might be my favorite AG dress ever!  It is gorgeous!  It comes with a headband, shoes, and the dress.  The headband is green with a side bow.

12-14-15 030.JPG

The back of the dress.  It velcros in back.

12-14-15 044

A closer look at the bodice.  The sash has a pink faux flower on it.

12-14-15 04512-14-15 046

The skirt has a sheer tulle-ish layer on top, and a silky layer underneath.

12-14-15 04812-14-15 047

The shoes are so cute!  They are a bit lighter than hot pink, and have a white bow on top.  The first picture shows the sides.

12-14-15 050

I rate the outfit 5 out of 5 stars!  Literally no complaints.  One thing that’s nice about it is that it can be worn in Spring, Summer, and Winter.   It is backordered on the website to February 26, 2016, but it might be available at a store near you!

❤ , IrishAG