Historic Savings & Z Crew Merchandise – By IrishAG

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All pictures from AG’s website.

American Girl is having a bundle sale for Samantha, kind of like what they did for Lea.  These are the two bundles.  They are both $135, which is a very good deal!  I like the fancy set, but I won’t get anything.  I wonder if AG will have bundle sales for all the Beforever carachters???  What do you think?

Z.Crew Tee Shirt for GirlsZ.Crew Tablet CaseZ.Crew USB Flash Drive

Did anybody else watch the Z Crew episodes on youtube?  AG came out with some new merchandise inspired by it.  I like the shirt.  🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of sale posts lately, sorry!  My next post will be with our dolls in it.

❤ , IrishAG

P.S.  What do you think of the new theme?



Lea Sale! – By IrishAG

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Pictures from AG’s website.

On American Girl’s website, they’re having an awesome sale!  Some of Lea’s things are on sale in a bundle with the doll, and everything has free shipping!  The bundles are all $150.  Here’s the link: http://www.americangirl.com/shop/dolls/girl-of-the-year-lea/

I wonder why they’re having a sale on her things so soon after her release… maybe she’s not selling well???  What do you think?


Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! – By IrishAG

Hey guys!  Happy (late) Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays.  XD

I’m thankful for all you guys!  You are awesome and I really appreciate your comments, likes, and follows.  Our dolls are thankful for their new sister, Grace, and Grace is thankful for a home!

Black Friday Weekend Deals. Up to 30% off** select favorites through Monday20% off full-priced merchandise* only through Dec 12. Enter GIFT20 at checkout.

American Girl is having a Black Friday sale and 20% off full-priced merchandise.

How was your Thanksgiving?




American Girl Thanksgiving Sale! By IrishAG

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American Girl just put up an up to 30% off sale on their website!  I like Kit’s candy set and Addy’s table and chairs, but I don’t think I’m going to get anything this time.  Some of the Beforever Special Editions are on sale for $34, shown above.  Some of the Beforever books are on sale too!  I think that’s kind of weird, since Beforever just came out.  Hmm.

What’s your favorite Beforever Special Edition outfit?