Feelin’ the Lea Vibes

Hello everybody!

So, on a recent trip to Lea Clark’s home town (aka St. Louis), I noticed that we did something that’s mentioned in her books!

If you look at the cover of Lea and Camila by Lisa Yee and Kellen Hertz, you’ll see a building in the background.  That building is…

st louis 2018 011

the Jewel Box, a one-room conservatory!  Isn’t that just the BEST name for a place like that?

Another AG snippet from Missouri: the Chesterfield AG store closed on February 21st.  We drove past it, and I snapped a pic:

st louis 2018 056.JPG

Spring is coming, and with it, better backgrounds for photos!  I’m excited to get out of the dreary, cloudy weather!

❤ , IrishAG