Grace vs. Julia – By IrishAG

Here’s the review of Grace!

11-24-15 027

  She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!  Her freckle pattern is different than any other dolls.

11-24-15 026

The back view… from here you can really see her gorgeous hair.  It’s longer than her waist and is really fun to play with!  🙂

11-24-15 02811-24-15 030

The shirt says “Paris I love you” in French.  The pink stripes are glittery.  On th right sleeve there is the Grace tag.  This is a very versatile piece.

11-24-15 029

The skirt is pink with a black bow.  It’s really cute, but very short.  You could always put some leggings underneath.

11-24-15 031

The boots are so versatile and cute!  The bows are attatched to a strip of fabric that sometimes flips up, but besides that, no problems.

11-24-15 034

(Sorry for the blurry pic.)  Her eyes are deep blue, and her eyebrows are feathered.  We didn’t get her ears pierced.

11-24-15 046

There’s a small section of her bang that’s floppy.  It can easily be brushed to the side, though.

11-24-15 05311-24-15 057.JPG

Grace comes with a charm bracelet and her first book.  (Nellie is modeling the bracelet.)

11-24-15 032

Now I’m going to compare Julia (Just Like You #23) and Grace.  When Grace came out, I thought she was Julia’s twin.  As the photo shows, this is not the case.

11-24-15 035

First, hair.  Julia’s is shorter and blonder.  She also has no bangs.

11-24-15 036

Their skin tones are totally different.  Grace has very light skin.

11-24-15 042

Their face molds are different.  Julia has the classic, and Grace has the Josefina.

11-24-15 041

Here you can really see the difference.

Now for a few bonus pics!

11-24-15 04311-24-15 04411-24-15 045

I rate Grace 5 out of 5 stars!  The only things I don’t like are the short skirt and floppy bang.

What do you think of Grace?



Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday! – By IrishAG

Hey guys!  Happy (late) Thanksgiving and Black Friday!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays.  XD

I’m thankful for all you guys!  You are awesome and I really appreciate your comments, likes, and follows.  Our dolls are thankful for their new sister, Grace, and Grace is thankful for a home!

Black Friday Weekend Deals. Up to 30% off** select favorites through Monday20% off full-priced merchandise* only through Dec 12. Enter GIFT20 at checkout.

American Girl is having a Black Friday sale and 20% off full-priced merchandise.

How was your Thanksgiving?




A Snowy Surprise – By IrishAG

 (From Nellie’s POV)

11-24-15 060

I am an early bird, so as usual, I woke up at 6 am.  I looked out the window.  Snow!  I love snow!  I did a little happy dance and woke up Kirsten.

11-24-15 062

  “Whazz gowin onnn,” she mumbled.

11-24-15 063.JPG

I hopped onto her.  “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

11-24-15 064.JPG

Her eyes snapped open.  If anyone loves snow more than me, that’d be Kirsten.

As quietly as we could, we got dressed and bundled up to go out.  Felicity and Julia were woken up by us and insisted on coming too.

11-24-15 065.JPG11-24-15 066

Kirsten and I started making snow angels with Felicity, while Julia ran around with Coconut.

11-24-15 068.JPG

“Who wants hot cocoa?”  Kirsten asked a bit later.

“Me!” Felicity and Julia said in unison.

“You go ahead, I’ll be right there.”  I wanted to spend a little more time outside.

11-24-15 071.JPG

I heard the sound of a car motor.  That’s odd.  Nobody drives at this hour around here.  I craned my neck to see which neighbor it was.  It was, to my shock, a brightly colored bus!  And it stopped in front of our house!

11-24-15 072.JPG

“Thank you,” I heard a girl’s voice say.

I watched as a girl a little younger than me stepped out of the bus and looked about.  She had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles.  She looked nervous.

(From Grace’s POV)

11-24-15 073.JPG

I looked around out of the bus.  The neighborhood was ‘of the middling sort’.  No time like the present, Grace. I reminded myself.  But before I could pick up my bag, I saw a girl running towards me.

11-24-15 074.JPG

“Hi!  I’m Nellie O’Malley, and I’m so happy you came!  Oh my goodness, are you a new neighbor?”

11-24-15 075

Her questions and exclamations all tumbled out so fast, I couldn’t keep up.  “Well, um-“

“Oh, silly me!  Would you like some directions?  What adress are you looking for?”  Nellie asked.

11-24-15 077.JPG

I unfolded my paper.  “Number 365.  I-“

“That’s MY HOUSE!  Come on, I’ll show you!”

11-24-15 079.JPG

  Nellie practically dragged me across the yard and into the house.

11-24-15 080.JPG

“GUYS!!!  We have a visitor!”  she yelled.

11-24-15 082

 All the girls rushed to see.  They all told me their names, then asked me to share a bit about myself.

11-24-15 084

“My name is Grace Thomas and I love baking.  French desserts are my fave!  My friends and I had a little baking buisness.  I used to live at the AGP Orphanage in Chicago.  I’m excited to be adopted!  The Orphanage was an okay place, but I didn’t want to live there forever.”

11-24-15 085

“Come on,” the girl with brown hair (I think her name was Julia) said,”We can unpack your bag and figure out sleeping arrangements.  I think you get your own bed!”

11-24-15 087

“Wait!” one of the twins said,”Who adopted you?”

I checked my paper again.  “Curious George Fan?”

The twins and Kirsten squealed.  “Another sister!”

11-24-15 089

“Let’s go,” Julia said,”We have a lot of work to do!”

~The End~

Curiousgeorgefan received Grace!  She is SO beautiful and I will do a review of her very soon!  Did you like the story? 


Awesome Food Award – By IrishAG

Photo from

Thank you, mylittlesisterbakes for nominating me for my first blog award!!!  Yay!!!!! I’m so excited!  To see her site, visit

If you aren’t familiar with blog awards, here are the rules:

  1.  Thank the person who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  2. Answer the ten food questions they give you.
  3. Come up with ten more questions for the people you nominate.(Apparently you’re supposed to ignore this?)
  4. Nominate other blogs!


And now for the questions!

1.Hard or Soft candy?


2.Chocolate-y or fruity candy?


3.Do you like chocolate and nuts together?


4.Top favorite candy?

Kit-kat, Hershey, or Reece’s peanut butter cups.

5.Do you eat a lot of candy?

No!  I almost never eat candy, that’s why I like Halloween so much.  🙂

6.Favorite type of gum?

Mint or watermelon.

7.What’s your opinion on white chocolate?

It’s okay.  I LOVE white chocolate macademia nut cookies!

8.If you could invent a new candy, what would it be like?

Marshmallow cream and pretzels mashed together and covered in chocolate.

9.Would you like to eat just chocolate for a whole day?

Eeew!  No!

10.Worst candy you’ve ever tasted?

Those Wonka sugar stick things. 


I nominate:

Samanthadolls from

Rhonda F. from

Christian Homeschooler from

Shelby-Grace from

Emily from

Thanks again, mylittlesisterbakes!




Pigtail Flip Hairstyle – By IrishAG

Today I’ll be showing you to do the pigtail flip hairstyle!  I’ll be doing it on Josefina. You’ll need two ponytail holders, a brush, and a squirt bottle filled with water.

11-17-15 210Step 1: Make sure your doll’s hair is tangle-free.  Use the squirt bottle to tame flyaways.

11-17-15 211Step 2: Seperate the doll’s hair into two equal sections.

11-17-15 213Step 3: Tie off one section as a pigtail.

11-17-15 215Step 4: Make a hole between the pigtail and the head of the doll.

11-17-15 216Step 5: Tuck the ponytail into the hole.

11-17-15 218

It will look like this.  Tighten if you like.

11-17-15 219Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 on the other section.

11-17-15 22011-17-15 224

Voila!  You’re done!  You can either put the pigtails in front or back.

Most of the votes on my blog poll were for a hairstyle tutorial, so here it is!  Should I do another one sometime?  Do you like this hairstyle?



Saige’s Fall Fashion: a Photoshoot By IrishAG

My friend, Marisol1234, made a beautiful skirt for my AG dolls.  I thought it went with Saige’s personality, with her being an artist.

So, without further ado, Saige’s fall fashion!


10-29-15 003

Lavender is her color!

10-29-15 007

Omigosh, I LLOOVVEEE the skirt!  It’s so crazy fun!

10-29-15 008

  If you look closely, you can see the pretty mother-of-pearl button on the skirt.  I like how you can see Saige’s beautiful curls.

10-29-15 009

This makes me think country girl.  🙂

 10-29-15 014

Pretty pumpkins.

 10-29-15 015

Playin’ in the leaves.

This was a short photo shoot… I thought I took more photos.

Anyhoo, on to the outfit:

10-29-15 019

Glasses: AG Chocolate Glasses

Shirt and Tank Top:  From 2 Our Generation outfits… I don’t know which ones.

Skirt: Handmade by Marisol1234

Boots: Saige’s Meet Boots

Earrings: 2013 Set that came with the ear piercing

What do you think of Saige’s Fall Fashion?


P.S.  It looks like I’ll be doing a hairstyle tutorial, from the poll results!

AG Holiday Catalogue Pics 2015 – By IrishAG

A few weeks ago, we got the AG 2015 Holiday Catalogue.  I didn’t take photos of the whole thing, just stuff I really liked.

10-29-15 056

This is the cover splayed on a table.

10-29-15 026

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!  I LOVE Maryellen in that dress!  Grace and Addy are cute, too.  A 14 year old named Valerie took this photo.  I love the little treats!

10-29-15 02810-29-15 027

Truly Me and Julia.

10-29-15 029

Holiday Shopping!

10-29-15 030

Let it GOOO!!!

10-29-15 031

My personal fave.  The AG dolls are opening up mini AG dolls!

10-29-15 032


10-29-15 033

Funny, don’t all AG fans mix and match their wardrobes???

10-29-15 03410-29-15 05910-29-15 058

Dress like your doll.  I love the far left photo, the girl looks so cute!

10-29-15 03610-29-15 037


10-29-15 038

The beautiful Pattisserie.

10-29-15 03910-29-15 04010-29-15 041

Ava C.= CUTE!!! Look at her little face!  🙂

Onto Beforever!

10-29-15 04210-29-15 043

10-29-15 04510-29-15 04610-29-15 04710-29-15 052

I don’t really like Rebecca, but her new outfit is so cute!

10-29-15 053

Love Kaya’s red dress!

10-29-15 05110-29-15 048

AG put together rooms with combos of all the collections.  My fave is the photo on the right.

10-29-15 054

At first I thought this was a real girl, but then I saw the stitching on her neck!  🙂

10-29-15 06010-29-15 061

Yep.  Totally agree with that quote.

10-29-15 055

I don’t even like Bitty Baby, but that little girl is too cute to pass up!

~The End~

Whew, that was long!  Do you like the Holiday Catalogue?


American Girl’s Get a Friend, Give a Friend – By IrishAG

American Girl is donating a doll to a girl at a hospital for every doll you purchase from November 6-30.  I think that’s a really fun idea!  Especially for girls who are going to be in the hospital over the Holidays.  I probably won’t get a doll, but if you were thinking of getting one, now would be the time!

Go to:   and watch a cute video, learn more about the cause, and more!


Innerstar U Closing + Truly Me – By IrishAG

Innerstar U closed today.  😦   I don’t care that much, but I’m not as excited with Fun-Spiration.  Julia gave me access.  My favorite games were Dance Spectacular and Shopping.  🙂  They’ve replaced it with Truly Me “Fun-Spiration”.  Most of the Fun-Spiration is old crafts and games from old AG mags.  Sometimes they make new crafts and quizzes, so that’s fun.  But Innerstar U was more fun for me.  Which do you like better: Innerstar U or Truly Me Fun-Spiration?


P.S.  I changed the way I write headings!  Do you like the new way or the old way?  PLEASE comment and tell me!  XD

Example:   Old Way: Innerstar U Closing + Truly Me        By IrishAG

New Way:  Innerstar U Closing + Truly Me – By IrishAG

American Girl Thanksgiving Sale! By IrishAG

No ImageNo ImageNo ImageNo Image

American Girl just put up an up to 30% off sale on their website!  I like Kit’s candy set and Addy’s table and chairs, but I don’t think I’m going to get anything this time.  Some of the Beforever Special Editions are on sale for $34, shown above.  Some of the Beforever books are on sale too!  I think that’s kind of weird, since Beforever just came out.  Hmm.

What’s your favorite Beforever Special Edition outfit?