More Hairstyles

Hello people!


So, recently I posted two hairstyle tutorials on Instructables, a French braid with a ribbon, and a bubble braid!

Here’s the link for the French braid:

And the bubble braid:

I’ve been posting these on Instructables because they take a lot of pictures, and I only have so much free WordPress space.  I am working on more blog posts though!

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Fashion Friday 8/26/16

Hey everybody!
Tori and Bella from agsparklesisters do Fashion Fridays. This outfit is too cute not to post! Thanks Tori and Bella for letting me reblog this!
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This week, our dolls are wearing movie night outfits. Mackenzie is wearing her hair twisted back with a knitted bow, a Springfield star tee, and jeggings from the American Girl Cool Coral Outfit. Mackenzie also has on Our Generation high tops, and silver stud earrings from the classic silver earring set.

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Forest Elf: a Photo Shoot

Happy September readers!  Two posts in two days!  I’m on a roll.  🙂

I’ve never taken a photo shoot of Elizabeth the 2nd!  So here it is.  She kinda looks like an elf, hence the title.  I made the cape, my Mom and Bagpipe99 made the dress, and the shoes are from AG.

9-1-16 019

9-1-16 021

In the tree…  I love waterfall braids!

9-1-16 024

Her hair is so blonde.

9-1-16 025

9-1-16 028

This is probably my favorite pic from this photo shoot.  It just happened, this is not edited.

9-1-16 030

9-1-16 031

9-1-16 039

9-1-16 040

I was really not inspired for commentary today.  Sorry.  Maybe the pictures speak for themselves?

If you could make up a story with one or more of these pictures, what would it be about?

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